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Building on the introduction of Urban Theory as a con-tent area to the 2003 program for SOOB, the program this year features a conference-style series of panel discussions as well as the launch of an inter-national urban culture zine, MOTEL.

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To our eye the Brisbane arts scene is institutionalised and hostile to emerging artists. SOOB is one response ...
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Sole 1, poster photographed near the SOOB festival club, SOOB 2003


SOOB Urban Theory

URBAN Coordinator: Anna Tweeddale

Building on the introduction of Urban Theory as a content area to the 2003 program for SOOB, the program this year features a conference-style series of panel discussions as well as the launch of an international urban culture zine, MOTEL.

The first issue of MOTEL will be launched at SOOB and also printed and distributed in cities such as Barcelona, Spain; Medellin, Colombia: Macau, China; Lisbon, Portugal; Thessaloniki, Greece, St Louis, USA; Tel Aviv, Israel. The zine is simultaneously published across the globe, linking ideas and experiences of urban cultures not limited to the sales agenda of international magazines. The zine will also be published in the diverse languages of its contributors. Although there are cross-overs with many of the other content areas of the festival, the Urban Theory content focuses its attention of the impact of the work of artists and creativity on the city and the impact of the city on the work of artists.

This year the panel discussions are organised around a theme of INFRASTRUCTURES. In this series, particular aspects of the physical, social and economic situation of Australian cities that contribute to a city's creative culture and identity will be addressed.

Urban Invasions Episode 2 – Infrastructure
Wednesday 8th December, 12.00pm – 2.00pm
SOOB Festival Club
, 30 Misterton St, Fortitude Valley

Following the theme of SOOB 2003's Urban Content program, this panel discusses the specific infrastructures of cities that provide the medium and opportunity for the work of a unique collection of artists.

Featuring: Anna Tweeddale, Mickie Quick, Emile Zile & James Dodds

Infrastructures of Identity: Documenting Cities
Wednesday 8th December, 2.00pm – 4.00pm
SOOB Festival Club, 30 Misterton St, Fortitude Valley
What is it that drives someone to document the often ephemeral happenings” of a city and its culture? What will remain of our current experiences of Australian cities when they pass out of living memory? How does a record of a city affect its collective memory, and should we be more actively engaged in creating those memories? Would this give us a tool to forge an idea of a new Brisbane in years to come? This panel will investigate these questions by examining at a number of projects documenting different aspects of cities and urban culture.

Featuring: Sally Brand, Ricardo Felipe, David Franzke & Andy Mac.

Cities, Culture and Infrastructure
Wednesday 8th December 4.00pm – 6.00pm
SOOB Festival Club, 30 Misterton St, Fortitude Valley
This panel will investigate the aspects of cities that create the conditions for creative culture. Avoiding the discussion traps of arts funding, gentrification and the spread of consumer culture, this session will instead focus on circumstances of creative cities in their more ‘banal' form: rent prices and structures, availability of space, access to urban infrastructure, negotiating government policy and local demographics. The aim is to discuss constructive ways to put these conditions to a creative purpose. There will be a small launch for MOTEL following this panel. Copies of the zine will also be available at the SOOB shop.

Featuring: Anna Tweeddale, Peter Browning, Andy Mac, Mickie Quick


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