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2004 SOOB Call for Submissions

Straight Out of Brisbane

is an event dedicated to excavating the best in Brisbane's independent cultural production. It emerged from a community of local artists in 2002.

Why are we doing SOOB?

To our eye the Brisbane arts scene is institutionalised and hostile to emerging artists. SOOB is one response ...
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Arts Funding Forum, SOOB 2003David Broker, Jock McQueenie and Kara Beavis at the 2003 "New Perspectives in Arts in the Community" panel discussion, SOOB Festival Club

Call for Submissions

Straight Out of Brisbane is opening up the festival to talented artists everywhere to submit artwork and ideas for the program. Now is your chance to get involved in the massive celebration of independent and emerging arts, ideas and culture that will SOOB in 04.

Submissions have closed but we are still are prepared to consider some late proposals.

:: How it works and how your submission will be assessed ::

Check out why are we doing it? for a basic introduction to SOOB's aims, philosophy and past festivals. Then send us an email using the layout published below that explains your proposal.

Submissions will be read by SOOB Management and forwarded to the relevant Content Co-ordinators for their consideration. SOOB's content co-ordinators are all south-east Queensland artists themselves with experience and wide networks in their field. They are your peers and we are seeking to make this peer-review process an ongoing and integral part of the festival's programming.

Applications will be judged on how best they advance the festival's goals, specifically:

+ does your idea /artwork / event / project showcase independent and
emerging artists and art practices?

+ does your idea seek to represent, network and grow the artistic community you work in?

+ is your idea practical and achievable given SOOB's budgetary constraints?

The SOOB festival will choose submissions on the basis of how they best
fit the festival's stated aims of showcasing independent and emerging
art, culture and ideas - especially in artforms and art practices that currently receive little funding or support from other festivals and organisations in the Queensland scene.

:: How to apply to SOOB ::

Email us your submission to by
Monday, 27 September 2004.

Please include the following information:

1. Your name

2. Your email address:

3. Your phone number:

4. What type of submission is this? Please nominate one of the following:

a.) An idea for a panel/workshop/discussion/event

b.) Artwork for inclusion in the festival

c.) I want to volunteer to help out

5. What do you want to do? Please give a short description of your idea,
art practice or volunteering interests - 100 words maximum please.

6. What content area are you interested in? (please try to pick only one
or two):

a.) visual arts

b.) writing

c.) screen, film, video

d.) new media + digital art

e.) game design

f.) spoken word

g.) theatre, performance, dance

h.) gigs and music

i.) urban theory, architecture and the built environment

j.) the SOOB Ideas program

k.) the SOOB Creative Industries Small Business Forum

l.) fashion

7. Who are you? (your 100-word bio). PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR FULL CV we will contact you for more information if required.

8. Support material

If you wish to submit any support material you can attach documents,
images and the like to the email. Please keep attachments to 100kB or less
in size.





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