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With over 370 artists directly listed in the program, and hundreds more invovled as members of bands and other ensembles, SOOB is now the largest emerging arts festival in Queensland
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Straight Out of Brisbane is a festival of independent and emerging arts, culture and ideas. It's dedicated to excavating the best in Brisbane's independent cultural production.

We want to create opporties for everyone involved in independent cultural production here to exhibit, promote and talk about their work.




Straight out of Brisbane
139 Constance St,
Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006
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Abbie Trott is a revolutionary thesbien and hardcore advocate of the use of carnival in revolution. Abbie is a zine maker, an awesome sound technican and saves the sound systems at Reclaim the Streets and 4zzz gigs all the time - the RTS collective would be lost with out her!!!

AC/3P. Ever wondered if AC3PO is a fan of AC/DC? Well Sydney's AC/3P explore this uncharted territory - guys in Star Wars outfits playing electro versions of AC/DC... are you ready to ROCK!!!!

Adam Ceremuga: This little flower likes mixing social change with creative exploits such as video and new media. Has been involved in a couple of really funky projects, Brisbane Indymedia, media work at the Woomera and Baxter protests, setting up a online experiences for Griffith Uni and VisualFX for shorts and music clips. Adam is currently working on the Kill Your TV series.

Aedan Whyatt is an emerging artist with a passion for playwriting and dramaturgy. He is a recent graduate from QUT with a Bachelor of Creative Industries in Drama (2003. During his time at QUT, Aedan has worked in various writing, dramaturgical and directing capacities for Queensland Theatre Company, La Boite Theatre, Metro Arts and Vena Cava Theatre Company. Aedan is a recipient of a 2003 Australia Council/Youth Arts QLD Spark mentorship.

Alasdair Duncan is twenty years old, and has lived in Brisbane all his life. He presently lives in the inner-city suburb of New Farm, and divides his time between Journalism-Arts studies at the University of Queensland, his job in a bookshop and frequent ventures into the city's club and party scene. He has been interested in writing since his years as an angst-ridden teenager, and his first novel, Sushi Central, was published by the University of Queensland Press in October.

Alexandra Gillespie is a new media artist who works primarily in the area of interactive installation. She currently lectures in "Temporal Media" at QUT. Previous works include an interactive installation "Reflections" 2002, interactive design on the "Track" project produced by Arterial 2003, "The Photo Proximity Hanger" at Stage X 1999, and "Spanning" a digital video study of butterfly genera exhibited in Sciart 99 at the Queensland Science Centre.

Alex Burns is editor of Disinformation (, and a Master's student at the Australian Foresight Institute (

Alien Voice Productions met during the Acting course at London's Rose Bruford College. Australian native Emma Skelton and Norwegian-born Joachim Seilo chose Brisbane as the place to launch their professional acting careers. Alien Voice Productions was conceived as a platform through which they could continue to evolve as professional performers in the realm of Brisbane's fringe theatre circuit by collaborating with other professional actors.

Amanda Cuyler is a young and emerging new media artist working predominantly within a video and sound based practice, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from QUT in 2002. Amanda Cuyler was a co-convenor of datum and as a Visual Arts Coordinator for QUT's Artsweek2000. Amanda is currently employed by Artworkers Alliance. She has shown in Fresh Cuts (IMA), Fascia (Metro Arts), Paper Plane (QUT), per: form (Metro Arts), the Art Built-In South Bank public-art project (2002) and the collaborative public art work produced for the Young People and the Arts Policy Launch. Amanda can be seen playing as VJ Hippocampus Abdominulus.

Amanda-Lyn is primarily a dance artist who has trained and worked with Vulcana Women's Circus, Rock and Roll Circus, Skadada, Gavin Roberts from Legs on The Wall, LA Dance Force and Zen Zen Zo. As a street performer Amanda has worked across Australia and in Hong Kong. In 2001 she formed Atomika. She has featured on 3 Australian music video clips, at the Optus Playhouse, Brisbane River Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Brisbane Powerhouse, and Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts.

Amy Thompson is the 2003 director of the Palace Gallery. She has just completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts), focussing on curating and directing. In 2003, she has had the opportunity to curate four exhibitions, showcasing emerging artists from the Brisbane art scene, at Palace Gallery and Metro arts. In June, Amy's interest in new media arts resulted in an international video art project touring from the Australia-Asia Arts Centre in Sydney to the Palace Gallery. In 2004, Amy will complete an internship with the Sydney Biennale.

Amin and the Moonies originally formed in 1989 after a schoolyard dare. The current line-up came together after all the members met each other in a bar and discovered that they all had vowels in their names. With their unique brand of electrified acoustic pop, and thought-provoking interpretations of popular bogan drinking songs, Amin and the Moonies have spawned their own cult, known as 'the moonies', who are currently based in South Korea.

Amin-Reza Javanmard is the co-founder and editor of "the alien invader", the only publication featuring political and social satire from an ethnic perspective. He has appeared in forums as varied as 'Semper', the Brisbane Writers Festival, Triple J's 'artery' (December 2002), and in this biography.

Amy Carkeek: My visual and creative eye is like a sixth sense!Currently completing my final year of a Bachelor of Photography, majoring in Creative Advertising. Have worked assisting various photographers- both locally and interstate.

Anal Cookie: Everyone knows that Anal Cookie are really very happy about going completely FREAKIN' NUTZ!!!

Andrew James studied a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Education in Drama and Music at the University of Queensland and stumbled upon student theatre. Calling the Cement Box Theatre home for the past two years, Andrew found directing and writing to be his areas of passion. In the future, Andrew hopes to work closely with 'unknown' Brisbane talents and offer audiences and artists more new theatre that makes you go "Hmmm..."

Andrew Tuttle plays in Brisbane based electro-cabaret-pop group Molliger. Writes music reviews/features for The Laughing World, Rocket In The Pocket, The Parker Fuzz. Co-hosts 'Rocket In The Pocket' show on EMIT Online radio.

Angela Orrego and her Canadian colleagues formed The Puppet Project, a group of artists dedicated to producing and performing puppet theatre. Their first production was Minnow's Moon. This was followed by The Memory Tree. Shortly after The Memory Tree toured North America, new puppets were created in Australia for Stone Soup a puppet farce about repression and community responsibility. Angela is a recipient of a 2003 Australia Council Spark/Youth Arts QLD mentorship.

Angel Kosch is a Brisbane based artist, writer, musician, performer and grass-roots activist. She is in the core group of the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble and last year self-published a book of poetry and photography called 'Standing on the Road'. She has held several small solo exhibitions of painting and photography and performs sporadically as a solo musician. For the last two and a half years she has been a support worker in a feminist service for women and children survivors of violence.

Aniki is one of brisbanes hardest working dj's, playing right across the spectrum of dance muzak. Electro, techno, breaks, R&B and then some, with a particular emphasis in his sets on combining or mashing up the styles. Chances are, you'll never be bored. He's also part of newly founded label Nutznboltz records, alongside Metrognome and Klika.

Anita Johnston is a neo-terik artist working with new + old media. Her creations range from graff-illustration to augmented and gritty videogame environments. She is interested in exploring, to deconstruct concepts behind such things as Grimms-tales and vandal-culture, only to re-contextualise fragments into virtual (3d) pop culture nightmares and Victorian-garden daydreams.

Anko has been exhibiting his work over the past three years without previous study in the Arts IndustryWith a distinctly recognisable style, semi-retro-go-animation, Anko's work has featured on gallery walls, video clips and many posters advertising large festivals, concerts and club scenes alike. Never without a pen in his hands, Anko can take the mundane and lame and Anko-ordinate it with imagination, life and happiness. Anko also composes soundscapes and visual pretties from the weird to downright wankable!

Anna Gerhmann: My painting is focussed mainly (but not solely) on abstract organic confections, cloudy and smoke like images, fantasy worlds. Movement is very important. Other medias develop and branch from this ideal. One feeds the other.

Anna Helme AKA annaspanna likes to pingpong between alt media, live video and multimedia projects, dropping beats inbetween as d.j.d.d. de bombe. Anna's media skills were activated with Undercurrents and indymedia in the UK, producing and working for and the vjamm allstars. She currently makes riddimick audio visual collage with Spoole, and the Artesian AV Arkestra [Nextwave].

Anna Tweeddale is trained as an architect and is currently tutoring in Architectural Design, History and Theory at UQ and QUT. She also has an ongoing involvement in a number of architectural design and research projects in Brisbane. Of particular interest are areas where architecture intersects with urban, cultural and art theory and practices.

Anthony Nutting has spent many years at Triple Zed delivering his native wisdom for white minds. He will provide an insight into community radio, and how you too can become involved.

Archimedia research collective (Molly Hankwitz and David Cox) examine the overlap between digital media and urban public space.

Asger: Has been instrumental in setting up many avenues for DIY culture in Brisvegas including Indy Media - Radical Radio on 4zzz, production and distribution of zines, and recently has been busy squatting a warehouse for fundraising and underground gigs. A long time presenter of the anarchy show on 4zzz Asger is one of the usual suspects of grassroots activism in Brisvegas.

Barnaby Ralph is a truly unique recorder virtuoso. A brilliant performer who has time and time again astounded audiences with his ability to make the impossible happen.

Barry Saunders is a postgraduate student studying community media. He likes stuff.

Ben Ashcroft is a Brisbane based designer currently studying at QUT. He is presently interested in working with virtual soundscapes that further interpret the role of audio divorced from its original context.

Ben Eltham is an arts journalist, MC for Briztronix and the founding member of Young People Against Poetry.

Ben Doran wants you to tell him he is a good boy. Desperately. Ben has been endeavouring to be a good boy all his life in order to avoid being a bad boy. Ben is currently being a good boy by co-editing The Between Space antholology, running the Resident Poet program for, side kicking for Run Panic Bight, performing some poetry with the Speed Poets and resurrecting his off key singing career with local band Knaw. Ben is definately not in the Fancy Boys as they are from the south of France.

Ben Frost: melbourne-based, bleeding boundaries and destroying expectations of 'laptop' music or post-rock, frost is one of australia's most sought after composer/producers, and is currently working on the forth album of UK band GOMEZ. frost's 'school of emotional engineering' is due late 2003 on quietly suburban.

Belle Budden is a community-based multimedia artist and activist that works around social justice and environmental issues. Belle is a shameless mischief maker and is involved with many Brizzie based collectives responsible for lots of things from culture jamming and feeding homeless people to encouraging people to mindlessly dance in the streets. When in Brizzie is an arts based youth worker. Belle's artworks in variety of mediums are influenced by the confusion and chaos of the modern world and a lustre for the old ways of earth-based cultures. You can contact her on

Billy Shannon: "Painting is a path ,an addiction a way to explore and reveal perception and reflection." Since 1992 Billy has contributed to over 35 visual art exhibitions and quaffed over 50,000 short espressos as an ongoing collaborative project.

Bo Staffan Stahlamn was born 24-3-73 in Sundsvall, Sweden. Came to Australia 13-2-83 because one morning, my father woke up and couldn't open the front door from the amount of snow fall the previous night. Now residing in New Farm. Bo currently enjoy loose shirts, tight trousers, Reggae and drawing details of car doors.

Brad Cochrane has always expressed interests firmly entrenched within the arts industry. Brad has had a whirlwind year, capped off by becoming a Youth Arts Queensland YAMP mentoree. Brad has been in involved in projects with Graft'n'Arts, "Festival MusiCairns","ATYP's National Studio" program in Glen Helen, Northern Territory, tutor on Q-Music's "HipHop project" and stage manager at Livid 2003.

Brad Daniels is a comix writer/artist and editor of the local Comix compilation 'Groovy

BrainSpiral are a Brisbane-based screen media action team who have brought you a variety of audio-visual delights at events such as Orphic & Trash Video's Film Club. BrainSpiral are dedicated to mutating media in Brisbania for all sorts of nefarious purposes. See TinaB and DanniZ.

Brentley Frazer is an internationally renowned poet and text artist recently referred to as 'one of the greatest writers of our time' in a review of his latest book A Dark Samadhi. Brentley has poems + other text published in many of the worlds most reputable journals, anthologies + periodicals.
Brian Tucker is, in SOOB's opinion, Brisbane's best accountant and a fine arts activist. See

Bridget Boyle is quite simply Frocking Fantastic, one half of those cabaret divas the Gooney Girls and a founding member of Debase Theatre. She has written and performed shows for the Brisbane Cabaret Festival, Sheila's Shorts Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, The Lime Light Review, Stage X and Livid.

Browning Mummery: Andy Lonsdale has been clearing rooms for years and is imho one of the most underrated sound artists in Australia today.

Cameron Neil is a key organiser in YES!BE! (Youth Enterprise and Small Business Establishers). Their mission is to mobilise, connect, develop, and support young people in communities to achieve self-reliance and deliver environmental and social solutions for a sustainable Australia.

Cameron Owen has his background firmly seated in the web development area - constructing interactive installations is something very new and exciting to him. Removing the restrictions of the typical screen, keyboard and mouse from the computer environment has allowed me to create something hopefully everyone of any age or experience can enjoy and appreciate.

Carmen Seaby is a popular culture-lovin', alternative media-devourin', queer, pro-sex feminist. She has made 9 zines (under the titles Ugly Duckling, Tick the Appropriate Box and Sleeping in the Rain). She makes collages and she loves to dance.

Casionova performs a history of home keyboards from the 80's presented with music, audience participation and gratuitous juggling. Hear cutting edge hip hop, rock and experimental noise made from a battery powered keyboard, learn how the Casio MT-54 saved the universe and why Finland is the mecca for home keyboard rockstars. Casionova has performed at various festivals and clubs around the world.

Catherine To is a Townsville playwright who won the 19-25 year category for last year's Queensland Theatre Company Young Playwrights Awards. Last year she wrote, co-produced and co-directed a multi-media show in Townsville. She also directed a public reading of her short play at the Two High Young Women in the Arts Festival in 2002. One of her plays has been produced by Tropic Sun Theatre Company this year. Catherine is a recipient of a 2003 Youth Arts Queensland YAMP mentorship.

Charles Firth is a leading neo-conservative commentator and has been dubbed "the brains behind George W. Bush." He writes for The Chaser newspaper and is the war correspondent-at-large for CNNNN. He is author of numerous children's books including the best-seller "Mr Muslim and the Jihad Against Our Way of Life." Charles lives in Sydney with his son and two wives.

Chris Handran is an artist whose work focuses on photography and its relationship to the lived experience. He also regularly writes for magazines such as Eyeline, Artlink and Local Art, and has curated a number of exhibitions, both in Brisbane and interstate. With Rachael Haynes, he is co-director of the artist-run initiatives Peer Projects and Studio11.

Chris Taylor is a senior writer for The Chaser newspaper and the co-host of CNNNN. He joined the Chaser team in 2000, after working as a journalist for ABC-TV for five years. In addition to his Chaser work, he has written a number of short films, and this year joined the Triple J breakfast team to perform the "Go od Morning Baghdad" radio serial during the Iraq war. He's 30-years-old, and lives in Sydney. Next year taking on Triple J's drive time show alongside another CNNNNian, Craig Reucassel.

Christopher Lee Totten is a Brisbane based director, actor trainer and teacher. He is a founding member of theatreACTIV8 and has directed "Lonely Planet" and "Omon Ra" for the company. He has studied various forms of actor training throughout the world, and taught 'The Viewpoints Actor Training Method' in the United States, Chile and Brisbane. He currently tutors in drama at QUT and at the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts.

Clare Chippendale has always been inspired by the organics of the world around her, and expressing her understandings visually. Having completed a Visual Arts degree at Queensland University of Technology, Clare divides her time between commercial work and furthering personal projects.

Clare McFadden completed a BA in Drama at QUT in 1999 and an Honours Degree at Rose Bruford College, London in 2001. Clare has worked as Assistant Designer for La Boite, Kooemba Jdarra, Vulcana Women's Circus. She worked as a model maker and a designer for Brisbane band, 'The Boat People'. Clare is a recipient of a Youth Arts Queensland Mentorship for 2003. Most recently Clare was assistant Designer on the Queensland Ballet's production of 'Excalibur - the Legend of King Arthur.'

Clifton Bradley has completed a Bachelor of Music degree (with honours) at UQ and a Graduate Diploma in Screen Composition at the AFTRS. In this time he studied classical guitar with leading Brisbane teacher Isolde Shaupp and composition/orchestration with notable composers Nigel Westlake and Philip Bracanin. In addition to his feature film debut "Undead" he has composed the scores for countless short films and television commercials.

Colin Cossier is a student at QUT of Creative Industries. He is particularly interested in independent documentary film-making. Colin has been involved in Critical Mass and Food Not Bombs and a variety of other environmental campaigns in Brisbane. Colin went to Baxter Detention Centre this year and made a short documentary about his search for his
pen-friend, supposedly a detainee in Baxter.

Costa Zouliou is a Brisbane legend in radio! Costa says his first paying job was as a Check-out chick at Barry & Roberts Annerley. Since then he has rocketed to fame, thanks to the Three Hours of Power and years of on air experience with Triple J, or in the words of Rampaging Roy Slaven and HG Nelson "Costa's out there doing it for the kiddies."

Craig Bolland is an award-winning playwright, and filmmaker. His first novel about inner-urban Australian life was short listed for the 2001 Queensland Premiers Literary Awards. His novel has been likened in many ways to the writing of Nick Earls, Nick Hornsby, Mike Gayle, and Douglas Coupland.

Cristian Matheson is the piano man, having played with some of Bris-Vegas most famous bands: Custard, Elephant Mojo and Hippopotamus Pie. He's come a long way since he jumped out of that plastic Kangaroo at the Commonwealth Games!

Crystle Fleper is performer and manager of the psychotropic musical cocktail that is Hot Rubber Glove. Crystle joined the Glove in 2000 as saxophonist. She has a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Saxophone from the QLD Conservatorium. She co-ordinated the Up Ya Booty Summer Tour of 2001/2. HRG's latest release, Inna Missionary Style, was co-produced by Crystle. Crystle also was executive producer of the IMS predecessor, Wantok EP. Crystle is a recipient of a 2003 Youth Arts Queensland YAMP mentorship.

Danica Bennett is the Queensland State Manager of ABAF, the Australian Business Arts Foundation.

DanniZ is an ambiguous character, a jill-of-many-trades, whose twitching, hyper-caffienated form can generally be located in front of a screen - movie, computer or TV - making strange and generally unintelligble utterances of the verbal and written kind. She's also one half of the radical projection team BrainSpiral.

Darius Roberts studied sculpture, photography and painting in Sydney. Since moving to Brisbane several years ago he has been focusing more attention on music composition. His music is developed through improvisation and layering, a form of sonic collage. As in Darius' multi-media and visual work, collage and super-imposition play a significant role. This probably accounts for the numerous remarks about Darius' work being 'cinematic'.

Das Rumpus can do funk old school, but they're more interested in taking funk to new and exciting places. See them at D*Funct on the Thursday night of SOOB.

David Broker is the Deputy Director of the Institute for Modern Art.

David Issacs is an Information Technology student at the University of Queensland who is currently conducting research into the usability of electronic music interfaces. His current research project looks at applying knowledge from the field of Human Computer Interaction to evaluate novel electronic music interfaces. David also plays drums in Brisbane group The Nomads of the Timestream.

Dean Chircop can be found during the day at Griffith Uni passing film facts to hungry students. At night he's a Writer/Director with Entropy films, making clips, corporates and short films.

Deborah Kelly has been making socially engaged artwork since 1983. Recent collaborative projects have included and "Hey, hetero!", with Tina Fiveash, which has been shown in 6 cities. In 2002 she was invited by Martha Rosler to a political artists' residency in Florida, USA, and produced a collaboration with that crew for the 2003 Venice Biennale.

Debra Porch has been a practicing artist for over 20 years, and is currently a PhD candidate in Creative Industries, QUT. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and she has worked on a range of visual projects, including "9 Lives" at the Casula Powerhouse Art Centre, Sydney, and "Non-Criminal Criminals" at the Hyde Park Barracks Museum, Sydney.

Dee Jefferson spent too long in Byron a couple of summers ago, and came back determined to change the world. Instead, she created a short film festival for people with tall ideas who want to change the world. As a member of Vibewire Youth Services, a film reviewer and sporadic law student, she was acutely aware of her lack of qualifications for running a short film festival, but decided to give it a bash anyway.

de la haye is Brisbane's First Lady of Jungle. While breaks, electro, hip hop and funk all lie within the spectrum of this lady's talents, it's her flair and passion for manipulation of the drum n bass and jungle sounds that has earned her regular appearances at the infamous RudeBwoys nights and has her hosting her own radio show, E.A.S-Traxx, on Pulse Radio.

Di Ball is a hybrid artist currently undertaking a Doctorate of Visual Arts at QCA. With past lives as diverse as an architect, a cuntry and western singer, a human statue and a giant lamington, Di's oeuvre explores her own pink bits as well as those of her many personas.

DjCam is traditionally a Detroit dj with a love affair for the Amen Break, DjCam has been playing in Brisbane since 1996. Cutting up Jungle as she would detroit techno, her mixsets are technique oriented to enhance the party vibe.

DJ Fiend is a Melbourne boasts a handful of lady drum and bass dj's, but fiend stands head and shoulders above the rest. She's been smashing up the dance floor since 2000 earning her residencies at the notorious Krachmacher and 40Hz. She's a people's dj guaranteed to bring dnb's full spectrum to the dance floor.

Don Burgess is a Townsville actor who studied theatre at James Cook University. He is a member of TLC, the youth ensemble of professional theatre company Tropic Sun. He has performed in several theatre productions, including The Boys, Salome and Uncle Scorpion.
Don is a recipient of a 2003 Youth Arts Queensland YAMP mentorship.

Electric Tipi: Electric Tipi have been producing work since 1992. The diversity and self reliance exhibited has served to influence the alternative music/arts scene to this day. Several Electric Tipi projects have been funded by arts grants, the most recent being Synergy - earth, air, fire, water in 2001.

Elise May completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance) at QUT in 2002. In 2003 Elise joined Expressions' Dance in Education Company, as well as creating work for the February and October seasons of local independent collective, Critical Mass. She looks forward to further developing her independent choreographic work next year.

Elliott Bledsoe is more than crazi! :D he is a bachelor of laws/bachelor of arts student @ griffith university where he unofficially studies gender which is more interesting than both his degrees. People have published his work, including, and gravity magazine. He is poet, writer, philosophy wanker and general media maniac!

Emile Zile is a Melbourne artist working in live performance, video and online modes. Projects include the '' street archive and 'Mr&Mrs' live video-mix team.

Emily Berndt: Nineteen eighty-one, the year The Stranglers graced airwaves with "Golden Brown" at number one, and the year that the world said "hello" to Emily Liza Berndt, Brisbane, Australia. She currently designs for Billabong Clothing and has also designed for some artists on Architecture, Trifekta and Candle record labels. Most recently she designed the artwork layout for Rival Flight's new record. A current side project Emily has undertaken is illustrations for a book "History of Binna Burra and Beechmont." She is currently under way developing an art program for patients at the Gold Coast Hospital.

Emily Tomlins has been involved with the performing arts since the age of seven performing with various youth, student and fringe theatre companies. She has performed as in actor in productions by La Boite, UQ, Amardean Players, Nash Theatre, Brisbane Arts Theatre, Pandemonium, Click Productions, and more. Emily has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Drama, English Literature and Women's Studies and Honours in Drama from UQ. Emily graduated in 2003 from QUT with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting.

Emma Skelton returned to Australia to work professionally as an actress in July 2002. After filming the short film The Buddha Thief, directed by Rebecca Flanagan in Melbourne, she returned to her family home in Brisbane. Emma has just finished a six-month stint as Ms Nickels in the upcoming TV-series The Sleepover Club.

Equalizer 24K: She's a plate smashin', glass throwin', digital hardcore sound bomb!

Erther comes bubbling up like black blood through cracked mud … and is being hailed as The Dark Lord of Drum n Bass. He Creates soul shattering, powerful noize grooves, tainted with deeply dark emotions. Erther has been creating underground music since the early 80's in various forms, from funk, blues, jazz to deathmetal. Now he is best known around Briz as a co -conspirator of Rude Boys Monthly.

Escape from Woomera

Evan Clarry: Cairns boy made vegas. After writing and directing award-winning shorts, Paradise Pictures snapped him up to direct two features back to back, including Gold Coast Schoolies flick, Blurred.

Fenella Kernebone presents Artery, Triple J's arts program, on Wednesday nights (2003) from 11pm and the new program Sound Lab on Sunday nights from 11pm.

Fiona Smith is a visual designer deep down. But she's been using her three years studying Communication Design at QUT to learn about interaction design and experimental multimedia, because it's a chance to experiment without worrying about being paid. As a result, she has made a diverse range of work from websites, to short films, interactive installations and interactive documentary.

Freya Pinney's practice is a complicated web of ongoing artistic forms derived from "tongue writing": a performative language in which the artist writes with ink using her tongue as a brush. The works operate as a process at a midpoint between thought, speech and writing and are fuelled by feminist and psychoanalytic theory and popular culture.

Future Eater is a micromusic farmer from Melbourne, currently breeding new crop of mutant chip-tunez. Elektro mo' fo' from Melbourne. On-the-fly remixer of live Spoole sounds.

Gail Priest has been artist in residence at ABC Radio Arts creating music theatre for Radio, the resulting works being played on the Listening Room. She recently received research and development funding from Australia Council for her Sonic Salon investigating the relationship between sound, vision and performance in immersive installations. She is also Assosciate Editor of RealTime magazine. She has recently begun performing electro-improvisation playing under the name Snagglepussy.

Genevieve Staines: Genevieve is a young emerging artist who has developed an enthusiastic working ethos via a considerably broad academic and cultural experience. Living and travelling in Australia and the U.K, and spending a year as a high school student in the Tokyo Women's University of Art, Genevieve is now a student of Fine Art at the Queensland College of Art. Modest receptor of the 2003 Billie Hall Bursary Award for Academic Achievement, Genevieve aspires to continue an academic career in the visual arts.

Gerald Roche was deposited in alluvial silts some time in the early Cenozoic era. Stratigraphically, he is usually assosciated with Pakicetus assembleages, suggesting a limnal or even entirely aquatic mode of life. Rune-like markings found on Gerald bone fragments have caused some debate among paleontologists, but most specialists in the field now agree that these marks are the result of post-depositional taphonomic processes, and are not the work of antideluvian man, or divine cosmonaughts. Certain similarites to Naxi pictographs have caused interest amongst paleograpgologists, however, and debate continues.

Gillian Marshall is a performer, refugee activist, dancer and General Support Worker at a Domestic Violence Refuge in Brisbane. Gillian is part of the National Anti-Deportation Alliance and has been to Woomera and Baxter Detention Centres and writes to 2 Iranian refugees who are wrongfully detained.

Glen Manders is the founder of the former Brisbane Comix collective 'Stripsearch Press' and works at the local Brisbane Comix store 'Comix etc'.

Graham Nunn is a Brisbane-based writer and founding member of local performance group Speedpoets. Currently he edits and produces the monthly Speedpoets zine. His work has been featured in ezines such as Get Underground, Retort Magazine, Vibewire, Slamming The Sonnet and Stylus Poetry Journal; print zines Run Panic Bight and Speedpoets and in the anthologies Text Messages, From the Anabranch, Love and Fear & Small Packages.

Grant Stevens is a video artist based in Brisbane. Grant was recently included in OK Video: The Jakarta Video Art Festival held in the National Gallery of Indonesia, and also runs The Farm, a contemporary art gallery in Brisbane, with fellow artist Dirk Yates.

Hannah Birchley: Visual art. Ceramicist. Painting...throwing...sclupting...vocal...puppets...laughing. Brisbane T.a.f.e adv diploma of ceramics.

Hannah Brooks is a freelance journalist who dabbles in styling and photography. She has a deep interest in all facets of fashion - including design, history and theory. Hannah can sew a straight line but has not yet mastered the fragile art of inserting zippers. She was co-editor of Semper Floreat magazine in 2002.

Hannah Gatland is a Brisbane based artist and a recent QUT Honours Graduate in Fine Arts. Hannah's practice is based in painting and digital print media. She has been involved in running the student run space Palace Gallery and has involved in exhibitions throughout Brisbane, Toowoomba, Sydney and Adelaide. Hannah has also recently enjoyed the success of two sell-out exhibitions.

Hannah Lee-Clough is a professional dancer with Culture Bank and drama teacher extrordinaire, as well as active participant with Masses Productions.

Ilana Cook is a Brisbane-based artist whose work encompasses sculpture, drawing, photography, design and writing.

Izzy's Mum spins all flavours of electro from synth pop to Detroit, and all points in between and to the side. Before moving to Brisbane this year she organised the Surgery parties in the blue mountains, and played the after party for the Winter Magic Festival in Katoomba.

Jackie Ryan is Brisbane-based short film & award-winning video clip maker for Full Fathom Five, Artificial, and b(if)tek. Her writing/directing projects include the short film The Activist. Her work has been rejected by some of the finest film festivals in the world.

Jack Kennedy is a 21 year old self proclaimed actor/comedian. Jack has in his time acted in over half a dozen short film's and done numerous work on major feature film's in the living scenery department. If one was to combine all this work he'd almost have a short feature under his belt. He is described by his friends as laughable.

Jade Dibblee is an independent dance artist graduating from QUT this year with a BFA (Dance). She has worked with local independent choreographers as well as including Ru Atma, Graeme Watson, Chrissie Parrot, Csaba Buday, John Utans and Jayanthi Siva. She has performed and created numerous solo works, including performances for Australian Dance Week at QAG, and QUT Art Museum, and for the Transmission season of local independent dance collective Critical Mass.

Jamie W. Siouxsie Sioux increases the pitch on the ADULT. 7", which draws nods of approval from Peaches, between sips of her campari and soda. " That Jamie W. sure did rock tonight !" exalts Karen O, all the while Vitalic sits staring at the wall - "records - spinning - music...mmmm".

James Dodd is increasingly interested in the strengths of portraiture, the absurd characters of our world and socio-politcial commentary. His inspiration remains pop culture, the media, street art and public space.

James McLennan runs a one-person creative business renting rebuilt 80's-style table-top arcade games to Brisbane bars and venues.

Janis Murillo Being self-confessed "stubborn as a mule", Janis went against traditions, values and beliefs to pursue a career in the arts. Against the wishes of her family members, she graduated from QUT with a Bachelor of Arts/Visual Arts in 2001, still stubborn, and as independent as ever!!! Since graduating, she has had two solo exhibitions, and more recently a show with fellow artists Emily Berndt and Anko.

Jason Wilson is a researcher, critic and writer, currently completing a PhD on the aesthetics of video gaming at Griffith University. He has published and presented research on gaming, new media and other areas of contemporary cultural research in various local and international publications and conferences, and he recently co-edited the ëlogoí edition of the online journal of media and culture, M/C.

Jaymis Loveday has the technolust and will not rest until he has one of everything shiny and integrated them all into something with a clean design and choice of .rss and .xml feeds. Geekness is growing ever stronger. Guinness World Record Holder for most browser windows open at once.

Jayne Fenton Keane is the author of two poetry books, 'Torn' (Plateau Press 2000) and 'Ophelia's Codpiece' (Post Pressed, 2002), with another 'The Transparent Lung' due for release in 2003. JFK is producer of the award winning multi-media website 'The Stalking Tongue' located at

Jemima Wyman is a Brisbane based artist who has completed a Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) with First Class Honours at Queensland University of Technology. She exhibits regularly here and interstate and is currently represented by Bellas Gallery. Jemima also Lectures at Griffith University and QUT.

Jenny Fraser works at the nexus of art, filmmaking and new technologies and recent exhibitions include InteractivA at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Mexico. Apart from curating cyberTribe, an online gallery, she was also part of the curatorial working group for the 2002 Adelaide Biennial 'conVerge - where art and science meet'.

Jesse Sullivan aka Suckaphish P Jonez, aka Drink.Gulp. Ah! is commonly percieved as an accidental chemical concoction resulting in unexpected delights. It is also an artist / media whore, found peeping through pixelz to hear vibrations resonating and remixing cultural landscapes. It also cultivates vidi-yo farmz, visceral sound technologies, MCs and produces as part of trundlecore colelctive, and other rascally mischief.

Jessica Symes is actively working her way towards a career in Theatre Directing. Jessica currently works at the Australian Theatre For Young People (ATYP) in the role of Coordinator. She is also the Co-Artistic Director of Prompt Theatre. Jessica is a recipient of a 2003 Australia Council/Youth Arts QLD Spark mentorship.

JMX: Self Defence Unit - Adelaide - Drum n Bass n Hiphop dj, promoter, this girl does it all... Bringing you female inspired beats and pieces from round the globe.

Jo Laboo is a recent Honours graduate in Fine Arts from QUT. Jo is a photographer and painter and has recently had her Search for a Supermodel painting series displayed in the Queensland Art Gallery. Laboo's photographic work has also been featured in fashion magazines Prat and Large magazine. Jo currently works with graphic and fashion designers on various projects and is involved with club nights such as Love & Roxy and Salt Lick.

Joachim Seilo graduated from drama school and returned briefly to his native Norway to produce and star in several radio plays and worked as a DJ for RadioRakel in Oslo. In September 2002 he traveled to Brisbane where he starred in Ohio Impromptu in the production of Samuel Beckett's Shorts at Harvest Rain Theatre.

Joanne Loth is an actor, singer, director and teacher. From 1994-2000 she performed with Frank Theatre throughout Australia and Japan, and trained in The Suzuki Actor Training Method. In 2001, she travelled to Minneapolis, USA to undertake a two month internship with theatre company Theatre de la Jeaune Lune. She is currently a resident artist with theatreACTIV8 and performs as a Jazz singer with "The Jo Loth Trio". She also tutors in drama at QUT and ACPA.

Jock McQueenie has a background in photojournalism and travel photography. He has worked as an arts educator at community and tertiary levels. In 1998 he was Executive Officer at the Queensland Artworkers Alliance. He is now working as a private consultant specialising in brokering arts/industry partnerships.

Johanna Featherstone established The Red Room radio show in 2001, & in 2002 she created the Red Room project. These initiatives were awarded 'Best new & innovative radio show' at the national community radio (CBAA) awards in 2002. Most recently, Johanna was a poet-in-residence at in August, 2003. She will be working with the Australian Society of Authors, under their mentorship programme in 2003-4. Johanna also writes for The Chaser Newspaper and works part time in a bookshop.

John Banks is currently completing a PhD (ethnographic study of relations among a game development company and online gamer fans) at the University of Queensland. Since 2000 he has been employed in the position of Online Community Development Manager with Auran.

Jose Da Silva is an artist and researcher whose work explores the cultural formation of trauma in the lives of gay men. Through installation, photography, video and performance Da Silva investigates how social and sexual forms of violence impact on the subjectivity of gay men and how the construction of gay male subjectivity might be considered at the intersection of a social, political and aesthetic experience.

Jo Walker is a critic and reviewer for Scene Magazine.

Jules Fabere teaches Scriptwriting and is co-editor of Brisbane Comic Cru 'Sporadic'. He occasionally works in Animation and is releasing his first book of short fiction this year. Sporadic was founded by three work colleagues, but is swiftly becoming a self-aware lifeform in its own right. Originally auto-biographical, it now considers all adult themes.

Julian Hobba is an emerging playwright living in Melbourne. In 2001 Julian and Tangent Productions staged his first full length play, Fairy.God.Mother. for the Adelaide Feast Festival. At the 2002 Newcastle Young Writers Festival, Julian had the first act of a new full length play, 'Blue Eyes', and also produced his fourth short play, 'Househusband'. Julian is a recipient of a 2003 Australia Council/ Youth Arts QLD Spark mentorship.

Julie Beveridge is a writer/performer and a member of the Performer Ensemble for The Restaged Histories Project. Julie is current Artistic Director of Vena Cava Theatre Company, co-director of NJB, founder of Julesbev Productions and has worked with the BCC on the Stylin' UP Festival 03 as a festival co-ordinator. Julie is also currently Production Manager The Raconteur RIGHT FOOT DOWN.

Kane Petersen is a graduate of Charles Sturt University where he studied a B.A Commmunications (Theatre and Media). On graduating Kane worked as a freelance physical performer or as a technician with "Circus Oz", "Legs on the Wall - ATYP", and "Fox studios". In 2002 Kane worked with "Cirque Du Monde International" - "Cirque du Soleil's" social circus initiative. Kane is the Co-Artistic Director with Slipstream Circus - Tasmania's Youth circus. He is a recipient of a 2003 Australia Council/Youth Arts QLD Spark mentorship.

Kara Beavis works in Brisbane as a playwright and youth arts and cultural development worker. Kara works with young people from refugee, Indigenous and Polynesian backgrounds within a community cultural development context. She was recently commissioned by the Australia Council to research and develop a 'best practice' framework for working with refugees.

Karen Tait has worked as an independent dancer, choreographer and producer in Brisbane since graduating with a BA (Dance) from QUT in 1999, and involved with local independent dance collectives Pro Dance Net and Critical Mass since inception in 2000. She has choreographed and performed works for film and video, universities, art galleries, orchestras and festivals. In 2003 she project managed Australian Dance Week 2003 for Ausdance Qld, and recently co-produced the third season of Critical Mass, Motion Capture.

Kate Crawford is one half of acclaimed electronic duo b(if)tek. She is also a media studies lecturer at Sydney University and has worked widely in the print and online media as a journalist and editor.

Kate Fell is Executive Officer of Youth Arts Queensland.

Kate Indigo is a Brisbane writer and editor.

Kathleen Forrester is a recent QUT graduate in Theatre Studies. Her recent performance credits include: The Bathing Beauty (2003 - The Restaged Histories Project); The Jack Tragedy (2002 - The Restaged Histories Project); The Adding Machine (2002 - Vena Cava Theatre Company); The Graffiti Project (2002); and Generation Stop (Chalk Festival - 2002). Smash the Slipper (2003 - Cappillaries Festival; Two High Festival) is Kathleen's first play that she has both written and devised as well a performed in.

Keep It Neil has basically wasted his young adult life pissing about with the zines Healthy Body Sick Mind and In 'Til Stumps, and butchered his vocal chords pissing, moaning and being a self-righteous jerk in BA Baracus, Bjelke-Petersen Youth and Draft Dodger. He vows to not argue rationally, and aims to generally bring down the tone of the whole event to Benny Hill-esque proportions.

Kelly Chandler is experienced as a freelance editor and journalist, having worked on websites, magazines (including a two-year stint editing the electronic music publication Global Eyes) and newspapers (including The Age) since graduating from journalism at RMIT in the mid 90s. She is the editor of Voiceworks magazine in Melbourne.

Kelly Ventress has been making zines since the tender age of 15. These days she makes the zines Spork and No Strings Attached. She is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction, and is particularly fond of short stories, nice zines and rock and roll.

Ken Leslie lives and exhibits artwork in Brisbane. He graduated from a Visual Arts Honours course at QUT in 2002. Ken has recently ended a ten month, self-imposed hiatus from making artwork. He believes that this has made him a more mature person and artist. This is still to be proven.

Kent Holloway aka chaosfaery is a peculiar species often known for his obsessive-compulsive tendencies when it comes to language and communication. Having almost completed a bachelor of behavioural science and almost completed a growing number of other very-exciting-at-the-time-they-were-talked-about things, he has recently discovered that YAY spelled backwards is YAY!

kiki Ill now based in Melbourne is tha beat reanimator. The bass exorcist and mc horrorist. He is tha timestretched butcher who's sickness is a contagious culmination of precision surgery and an audio chainsaw masacre. At one moment psychotic the next embracing, this is audio psychiatry and schizophrenia dispensed with an exploding laptop.

Kirsty Kross has been performing as Legs Akimbo in the electro-cabaret outfit, Team Plastique for over 2 years. The highlights of Team Plastique so far have been performing at Big Day Out 2003 in Sydney and the Gold Coast, supporting Chicks on Speed in Sydney and performing some great shows and seminars at Newcastle's Electrofringe in 2002. Kirsty is currently completing a Masters of Fine Arts at QUT and planning to take Team Plastique overseas next year.

Kitty Taube: Through performance, video-installation and photography Kitty's practice circumnavigates issues of desire, voyeurism, identity and sexuality in relation to the female body. It explores the shifting nature of the term 'feminine' and scrutinises its representation, meaning and construction within contemporary culture.

Kris Jasper of Syncromesh Arts is a Brisbane based artist, designer and art director with experience in youth arts. As the designer of 'One Versus Many' she has made the visual components successful. She has had years of experience in combining digital art forms into live event situations.

Kris Keen is a writer, producer and director of novels, short films, documentaries and television series. At present he is slaving away in a small dark room on a documentary about her family for the ABC.

Kymbeaux Dawson is a local celebrity musican, writer and artist. Kymbeaux is an artist who is grateful for being able to live on land where aboriginal children played since the dreaming. In her spare time she single handedly redirects traffic at RTS and has parties in public space as a deliberate attempt to corrode corporate culture - woohoo!

La Muerte Calavera: Fresh from a three month lapmashing audio/visual tour of Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, London and NYC, La Muerte Calavera has left a trail of followers in his wake. Say goodbye to the tedium of crowd pleasing mash ups, and injest the concoction of delicate melodies, crushed rhythmic structures and acidic coatings.

Laurel Collins is a Brisbane-based actor who has worked with the Queensland Theatre Company, La Boite, the Real TV Project, Zen Zen Zo, Crossroad Arts and Vena Cava. She is a recipient of a Lord Mayor's Performing Arts Fellowship (part) and a Del'Arte Award for production.

Laura Krikke's work focuses on the state of the world today; questioning outdated rules, facades and superficialities that we seem to live by. It stems from the philosophy that we live in a perfect world that is only defective by how we perceive it. And in an age where more of us are educated, have more opportunities and possibilities than ever before, it is really quite hilarious that depression is the biggest killer in the first world. She likes to play with all the contradictions of this age, hoping that others will be able to relate and laugh at ourselves and we can change them to an actual working system.

Lawrence English is a writer, composer and artist. He runs Room40 and has released collaborative work with Scanner, DJ Olive, David Toop and others. He also records as I/O and recently as Object (for Quartermass). Outside of his recording and art commissions, Lawrence works with the newly established EMIT streaming studio at QUT and curates a range of events including fabrique at Brisbane Powerhouse.

Leah Huxley's love of the arts is demonstrated in her previous degree - a BA in English and Drama from UQ - and her continuing work as a theatre reviewer for Scene Magazine. She is also involved in the Matilda Committee, a group of Brisbane theatre critics who select prize-winners each year for excellence in Queensland theatre, and was nominated in 2000 for the 4MBS Critic of the Year. Leah has had several years experience with community theatre through her involvement on the Nash Theatre Board of Directors.

Leo McFadden was accepted into the Queensland Conservatorium in 1998, majoring in classical guitar, under the tutorage of Julian Byzantine. Leo has since performed in master classes for Carlos Bonell (Head of Guitar, Royal College, London); John Mills (Head of Guitar, Welsh College of Music and Drama), Gareth Koch (Head of Plucked Strings, Newcastle Conservatorium) and Maximo Diego. Last year, Leo organised, directed and performed alongside Warwick Adeney and George Plunkett in a tribute concert to the great tango exponent Astor Piazzolla.

Leticia Caceres is an intern director with the Queensland Theatre Company and co-founder of the Real TV Project.

Lisa Lamb is writer of Alien Television Workshop, a six part series screened locally. Sadly it went out so late only people with a medical condition saw it. Lisa has also written comedy sketches for Recovery ABC TV, Takeover TV BBC and performance pieces for the London Comedy Festival and the Melbourne Fringe Festival. She really has a way with words ... while other people ... you know ... ummm ... thingy!

Lisa Nolan is a Brisbane-based artist and curator who is screening the video installation, Night Vision, at SOOB.

Lisa O'Neill is a Brisbane-based performer. She is deeply committed to creating and presenting contemporary works that draw from this highly disciplined and philosophical practice. Her work is a continual exploration into the "Art of Performing".

Liz Burcham is the Manager of Metro Arts' Arts Business Incubator program. Its objective is to provide opportunities for sustainable arts development for those emerging artists who wish to be less funding reliant.

Liz Elliott is a violinist whose talents have been heard on albums for Brisbane band George. She's now focusing on composition creating soundscapes for short films and more.

Liz Shield is an extremely active grassroots activist who has been involved in feminist, social justice and environmental campaigns for years. Liz is a very experienced police liason person and has great skills in this area. Liz's favourite things about Reclaim the Streets is the music, dancing, costumes and the community coming together stopping the traffic to have a picnic in the streets.

Liz Watson is a Brisbane-based graphic designer, artist and curator.

Local Playback Theatre is an improvised form of Theatre based upon the spontaneous enactment of personal story.

Louise Hartman completed BA in Dance from Queensland University of Technology in 2002. Whilst at University she worked with a variety of choreographers including Harold Collins, John Utans and Chrissie Parrot. Since leaving university she has worked as an independent dance artist on various projects. She has performed in the last two Critical Mass seasons as a dancer.

Louise Terry is a senorita who makes music and melodies and also likes to use photocopiers, cut up slides, animate sewing machines, wield video cameras and make theremins vomit audiovisual messes. She is also the program manager on Straight Out of Brisbane and has a deep respect for felines.

Lucas Surtie is a practicing graphic designer currently working at Inkahoots Design. He is also involved in the production of Brisbane design magazines 'wastepaper'.

Lucy Griggs was born in1976, Sydney. Lives and works in Brisbane. Studied Visual Arts at QUT with Honours completed in 2001. Is currently Artist in Residence at Metro Arts, Brisbane.

Luke Beesley is an emerging writer of poetry and fiction. His work has been published widely in major newspapers and literary journals including The Weekend Australian and The Australian Book Review. In 2002 he was a guest of the Australian Poetry Festival in Sydney. He is currently writing a book-length manuscript of poetry, Something Has Happened to Beauty, for which he was awarded an Arts Queensland Major Grant. He lives in Red Hill, Brisbane.

Luke Lynam fact nuggets: He comes from the ocean, like prawn cutlets. In 1998 a knee injury ruled out his goal to be a major rugby league star. He has severe allergic reactions to fake flowers. 85% of his body is water. Long term goals include buying new shoes, formal visual investigation of concept: "Flavours: Different or Same?", and backing dancer in JUST ONE Janet Jackson video. Please, Ms. Jackson??

Luke Webber forwent the life of swashbuckling rapscallion to learn animation at the Queensland College of Art. Since then, he has graduated with a Bachelor degree and made two short films, as well as working as a storyboard and concept artist on two seasons of Australia's first 3D animated children's television series. L F Weber has also published his own graphic novel, Crab Allan, which is currently being sold in comic shops around Brisbane and San Francisco.

Maja Bejnarowicz's acting credits include Rebekah from Martin Crimp's play 'The Country' and 'Black Rock,' a play put on in association with the Flinders Drama Centre in the Queens Theatre, Adelaide. She is a recipient of a 2003 Australia Council/Youth Arts Queensland Spark mentorship.

Mandana Mapar describes herself as an artist and young arts worker. Mandana was born in Iran in 1978 and lives and works on the Gold Coast. Throughout 2002, as part of student driven collaborations, the non-profit arts organisation Colliedescope was created. Her works have appeared in the 2002 Conrad Jupiter's Art Award, the 2003 Ulrick Schubert Photographic Art Prize, and shows at Bond and Griffith University on the Gold Coast. She is a recipient of a 2003 Youth Arts QLD YAMP mentorship.

Mandy Beaumont is a 25yo inner Brisbane city poet. Mandy has been writing poetry for as long as she can remember and it has been the one constant source of solace and enjoyment in her life. Mandy's poetry is not conventional, it is not pretty. Her poetry is confrontational and explores isues from the mundane, bleak city lanscape and it's inhibitants to hard sex. Mandy is a recipient of a 2003 Youth Arts Queensland YAMP mentorship.

Marcel Dorney is a Brisbane-based playwright, actor and director, who graduated from the University of Queensland with Honours (1st Class) in Drama in 1999. His first full-length play, Bulldog Front, was produced the same year. The Lives of the Stars was placed on the shortlist for the QTC and STC Playwrights' Awards in 2000, and in 2001 he commenced work on Thousand and Flag via a grant through the AWG. Marcel was the recipient of a Brisbane Lord Mayor's Performing Arts Fellowship to study at the Maly Theatre, St Petersburg, which he completed in December 2002.

Marcus Westbury is Artistic Director of Victoria's Next Wave festival.

Marni Franks lives, seeks, eats pop, sometimes liking snap and crackle. design, walk the fine line, but never mime. fan of the screen, large, small and silk. 4zzz - popsicle radio - Club - dj dotchki sometimes a ballerina, sometimes just a dreamer.

Mark + Izzy from Labrats are a travelling video and music production team who utilize a solar powered sound system, wind powered cinema and a van that runs on veggie oil to bring about social change.

Mark Gomes - Driven by weakness, privation and longing, M. Gomes - aka BARRAGE - writes electronic music and art criticism. Ecstasy and horror, a mixture of male and female, flashes of guilt in more tender moments; such is the nature of his love-fantasy.

Mark Pederson has been coordinating Brisbane's underground electronic music lounge Spin'n'Jam for the past five years, and performing in electroacoustic improvisation groups including The Dub-o-Matic Allstars and JazzReaktor. He currently lectures at the University of Queensland in Human Computer Interaction, researching alternative interfaces to hardware and software synthesisers.

Mathew Fletcher is a practicing visual artist who works between real-time video & audio processing, performance and programming. Mathew is currently completing a Research based Masters Degree in Visual Arts @ The Creative Industries Research and Applications Centre Research, QUT.

Matt Jones has been involved in the local music scene for many years, performing in shuriken and independently as AOI. He is the founding partner of Sound Malfunction, an independent record label.

Matt Murphy: When Matt's not writing jingles and soundtracks for commercials and tv series he's grooving on the keys as a member of The Informants.

Max Leskiewicz is the President, UQ Vanguard 2002-4. Currently completing an LLB, after finishing Arts (Honours) in Literature and Philosophy (thesis was on the idea of beginnings in Italo Calvino's If on a Winter's Night a Traveller). Overseen the publication of 15 issues with Vanguard so far. Interests include literature and literary criticism, philosophy, legal theory, translation, chess, pedagogy, and all aspects of the publishing world.

Mc Zarelle: Luckily for Australia, newcomer Zarelle is bringing her dynamic talents out into the public domain and shaking things up as she goes. With her soulful, freestyle harmonising, she hopes to bring a new vibe to Brisbane drum'n'bass.

Melanie Doheny is the principal of Queensland Arts Marketing Network, a not-for-profit orginisation that aims to provide artists and smaller community arts organisations with access to marketing and publicity advice, facilitation of grant funding workshops, marketing opportunities, media and event management training.

Melanie Fulton has a degree in Drama/Education and performs around Brisbane in Team Plastique. Melanie also performs with Kate Geck in Electrotrash, and Kate is studying Communication Design at QUT. Both Kate and Melanie want to make people laugh and have a good time through learning about the very wholesome and fascinating genre of Interpretive Dance.

Melinda Hetzel graduated in Creative Arts at the Victorian College of the Arts, and has since been pursuing her passion for directing which combine elements of visual, physical and puppet theatre. She is a founding member of Rocketship Theatre and has toured her work internationally. She is a recipient of a 2003 Australia Council/Youth Arts QLD Spark mentroship

Michael Cox is a third year Communication Design student at QUT. After being subjected to heavy metal posters and horror films at a young age this childhood fear would grow into a fascination with obscure, gory and often violent imagery. He uses appropriated fragmented pieces of video footage, which juxtaposed, jars the viewer's mind between texts, taking the meaning from the original contexts and creating a new meaning within the new setting.

Michael Cox + Fiona Smith are a dynamic collaborative new media team, working with contemporary interactive installations. Fiona brings a healthy disregard for spelling and draws on a background in graphics and visual design. Both are third year Communication Design students at QUT, and have been working with experimental.

Michael Lamb is the Jim Carrey of Brisbane, well known for his impressions and physical flexibility. He's been featured on Takeover TV on the BBC and played Wild Bill on Alien Television Workshop, the show that went on to prove that space isn't just big, it's totally warped. See him today before he gets too famous or hear him on 4BC and i1197.

Michael Markovic has completed a Bachelor of Built Environment (Urban and Regional Planning) from QUT. Has been involved in the Brisbane music scene since 1999. Has performed performed with such bands as Coda, Shuriken, Tiku Tiku and Snow Husky whilst making solo electronic music under the name Nunavut. Also does photography n other things.

Michael Sobek is a senior instructor at Auran.

Michelle Sotheren is an award winning production designer and art director for short films, video clips, features and television commericals.

Mick Steel is famous for his spoken word and comedy ravings. Mick looks and sounds like George Costanza, he writes all the material he wears and confesses to be a man who uses disappointment as his psychic ointment.

Mickey Quick is old Aussie slang for 'a quick getaway'. The term is currently being revived as a pseudonymn by one naughty culture-jammer, but its available to all who want to (conf)use it.

Miranda Williams: hoe down, you mohawk, we connected downstairs. how was the vanilla oil? you know who i am. let's meet again!

Miss Gidget: The descent into drum'n'bass started for Miss Gidget after happening upon some Postion Chrome records in Newcastle, including the earlier Panacea tracks like 'Reality' and 'Tron'. The sound she's seeking? In her own words, "I love dark dnb… Play me anything dark enough that rattles my bowels and I melt."

Mistons Film Group began early in 1998 as Les Mistons Ciné-Club, founded by Stewart Browne with the intention of exploring the extent of cinema, and to act as a catalyst for cinema-engaged people in Brisbane to interact. Members include film-makers, screenwriters, poets, musicians, artists, academics, environmentalists, and one ophthalmologist. Current core members include Stewart Browne, Marc Lauria, Robert Lort, and Dariusz Roberte.

Mitch Porter runs a weblog on the War on Terror, Iraq911.

Monique Cronje: Experimental and animated video, drawing, painting. Digital video production, drawing, painting, web design, administration. Certificate III in fine arts, currently studying for a bachelor of visual arts in fine arts at Queensland College of Art (QCA), campus coordinator for the QCA Student Representative Council.

Monster Zoku Onsomb! are fairly new to the Brisbane electronic scene, but all the members have given you much enjoyment over the years as KiKi Ill (x nam shub), Kunt and Miss P. Leisure. They join forces to become MZO, butchering the sights and sounds of past, present and future to build an unquantisable freq'enstein!

Moya Baldry is a writer and game designer of Run Robot Run, a mixed reality game. Moya's focus is to develop environments that encourage critical skills and interactions in public and private space. Moya and friends are also developing a Creative-Technical cluster to gather infrastructure and global audiences for local artists to play with.

Mr. Speaker has supported Black Lung, Zen Paradox, and members of System Corrupt, cementing his spot as Brisbane's preeminent nasty tekno bastard. However, recent interstate bastard competition (gigging), has created a nastiness complex in Mr. Speaker. Gape in awe as he attempts to reaffirm his nastiness at SOOB.

Mungo McKay began work as a cinema projectionist in 1991. Mungo realized acting was his passion. Emerging from the shadows of a dark projection box, he began his studies in 1996. He is now a qualified teacher for The Actors Workshop.

When Myoka Woulahan is not sleeping she is searching for new and exciting ways to Connect Four. Her ambition is to patent the World's first Connect Five game but Milton Bradley as yet have not expressed interest. "After you have played Connect Four as many times as I have, there are no new variation and permutations to be explored, Connecting five will BE WILD!!!!!!!"

Nadine McDonald is the artistic director of Kooemba Jdarra Indigenous Performing Arts.

Nathan Mayfield is one half of Brisbane production team, Hoodlum, responsible for national television series, Fat Cow Motel.

Nerida Newton completed a Masters of Philosophy degree in Creative Writing and completed The Lambing Flat during that year. The resulting manuscript was shortlisted for The Australian/Vogel award in 2002, and won the Queensland Premier's Award for an Emerging Author. The Lambing Flat is published by UQP in 2003. She presently tutors creative writing at the University of Queensland.

Neridah Waters graduated with a BA in Performance from Nepean University of Western Sydney. Neridah trains with Frank Theatre in the 'Suzuki Actor Method' and travelled with the company to Japan to train with Suzuki's company. She has performed in various Frank shows, as well as devising her own work and collaborating with local independent artists. She is a recipient of a 2003 Australia Council/ Youth Arts QLD Spark mentorship.

Nigel Poulton is the Vice President of The Society of Australian Fight Directors Inc.

Nick Powell is a poet and writer based in Brisbane. His zines "Mens' Heads", "Gin and Haymakers", and "Gun Honey" bend true-lies with ramshackle prose and poesy.

Nick Ritar is one half of Cicada, a video performance duo from Melbourne. Cicada performs in public spaces, using the structural forms of the city to create alternate outlets for audiovisual performance. Celebrating the concept of public space, often sanctioned, sometimes not.

Object, implicated riddim, clouded beatscapes, splintered noise, fractured ambience - a collision of sound sources with unexpected results.

Oko T is a visual aesthetic, synthesized by software processing live music, video, photography, computer graphics, animations & human interaction, or a VJ Group who generate motion pictures in time with music. OKO T is a collaboration between 2 Tobias de Maine and Tamara Sladojevic and have performed both nationally and internationally at music festivals and dance clubs.

Old Des Peres (Melbourne) is a psychotic, catastrophic, 3 piece live electronic performance act. With spanking, thrashing, manic tekno, Old Des Peres raise the crowd into a frenzy with every interactive performance. Old Des have released tracks on Clan Analogue Recordings and Dark Matter Records. Their Debut album Preserved, will be released later this year.

Optik Nerve: 2D Digital Art, Poetry, Photography, Web Design, Web Programming, VJ/DJ.Self Taught, 15 years industry experience. Methodicus Funkious Flowicus.

OVA = Suckaphish P. Jonez + LP33 1/3 = trundlecore noise-hop collective, excavating schizophrenic soundscapes from the detritus of culturez and societies, mutated, mutil8d and regurgitated over scattered beats and stumbly melodies. Pir8z on the high seas of hi and lo - tech, nothing escapes samplability in's shaky hands. Vocals by Suckaphish P Jonez and friends in every tenth packet, get in fast and break yr hipz.

Paul Abad is a producer, dj, new media artist and web developer. His music spans from complex laptop electronica to spacious soundscapes to processed acoustic instruments. His web work and new media art is currently based in Flash, exploring code-based art, dynamic interface generation, and the integration of Flash with dynamic data technologies. In his spare time paul organises outdoor music/landcare events.

Paul Brasch started his entertainment career as a giant cake at Expo 88. He has since gone on to become one of the most accomplished stand-up comedians in Brisbane. He has appeared on The Big Gig and Good News Week and has hosted his own radio show on Triple M, been part of the Morning Crew, appeared on Triple J with Judith Lucy and written for many radio stations.

Paul Hardacre is a professional writer and poet living in the inner city Brisbane suburb of West End. His poetry has been widely published in literary journals throughout Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Greece and the United States. Paul is the editor of papertiger - Australia's first CDROM journal of poetry ( He is currently Contributing Queensland Editor for the South Australian journal of poetry and poetics, Sidewalk.

Persueder : Horns, keys, drums and bass together with groovy vocals and occasional funky guests mix up Persueder's original live set. Come and witness the new groove sensation.

Peter Grose is one of Brisbane's most famous comedians he ran Crazy's theatre restaurant, has been on Good Newsweek and writes for the Footy Show and various Radio Stations through out the Country.

Phatsville's Comix: a place of magical squalor. Documented in short stories of sequential art spanning over 30 pages, the land of Phatsville and it's characters will leave a permanent brown smear in even the most jaded of minds. The Phatsville Crew is Giles Kilham, Tom Scarlett, John Stewart and Ben Constantine.

Phoebe Hart has a background in digital doco and factual TV.

Pippa is a transcontential RTSer and alternative energy experimenter and advocate. Pippa is an electronic media artist who is involved in anti nuclear campaigns across Australia.

PixelBitches is two Brisbane artists and design professionals. Corin provides the illustration, Nik provides the code, and both provide the ideas. Corin's work has been published in the Vasava Artworks book "1x1", while Nik was recently featured in magazine.

Rachael Haynes is an emerging artist, writer and curator. Since graduating from QUT with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) she has won several awards including the Melville Haysom Memorial Scholarship at QAG and the Eddie Hopkins Memorial Prize. Rachel is the co-director of Studio 11 and the co-partner of Peer Projects, two artist-run initiatives focused on providing alternative exhibition opportunities for visual artists.

Rahima Hayes is currently the Women's Officer at QCA and is studying Photography. Rahima went to Woomera and exhibited and curated the Global Citizens exhibition at the Powerhouse in March this year. Rahima is interested in exploring multiple conceptions of political themes through photography.

Rebecca Cannon is a new media curator and producer. She curates, an online archive of international artworks made using computer games. She is also producing DVneopoetry bringing together young Australian writers with media artists. Dedicated to open access modes of distribution, she applies copyleft ideologies to her productions, predominantly her video zine Some Underground Machine.

Rebecca Nissen is an artist who can't decide on a medium. Her work encompasses video, scultpure, photography and installation (and she does scribbles on the phone book). She has explored alternative interfaces for a while now, and is currently working with sound artists on too many projects. She likes good advice and electrical storms.

Rene Wooller has just finished his Masters in Music (computer music) at QUT. He uses the computer in a number of ways to create music but has specialised in developing his own music software application for the artistic freedom it provides. He is sometimes described as a zany inventor, having constructed magnetophones (for tape scratching), LEMu (software meta-instruments) and other strange devices.

Rhiannon Craig is a 22 year old webdesign student, and part-time camgirl ( my interests lay in all things cyber- the net, webcams, reality entertainment, voyeurism and social experiments. I'm vain and a show off, so what better way then to run a website all about me!

Richard Allen is a 32-year-old Brisbane based artist with a diverse background in computer game addiction, live improvised electronic music, instrument design, 3D animation, environmental activism, renewable energy technologies, and chocolate manufacture. Richard's work focuses particularly on the physical side of the human/machine interface and the vast possibilities it offers for new areas of play, learning and communication.

Rinzen work on a wide range of client and personal projects - in illustration, print and web design, fonts, characters, animation and music. Their work has appeared in books and magazines published in France, Germany, Spain, the US, the UK, Japan, Hong Kong and Australia. Rinzen's large scale artwork and murals have been installed in Tokyo's Zero Gate and in galleries throughout Australia.

Riva Bohm is a zine maker, a cook and a bad German language student. She hopes to be a giraffe when she grows up and is far too tired to be writing her own bio.

Ross Manning 25 yrs of brisbane .strathpine.;'[]=-plays music under the name 4 layers of 9--sloppy beats and drunken dance moves also doing stuff with curcuit bending and making own instruments-= prepared turntables and stylus poo poo--noise is called Budgeryduck-=[]--will play any gig, for lose of dignity = very interested in ? fun?

Ryan Renshaw started out at MTV here in Australia and over in the US before discovering music videos in 1998. He has worked for artists such as Grinspoon, Kasey Chambers, Danielle Spencer, The Whitlams, Wendy Matthews, Machine Gun Fellatio, Amiel, The Living End, Motorace and Alex Lloyd amongst others. These days Ryan's capitalist side sees him making television commercials more often than music clips.

Sally Brand is an emerging freelance art writer based in Brisbane. Predominantly interested in contemporary Australian art, Sally recently completed her degree in art history from the University of Queensland. Sally is also one of the editors of 'Local Art', a monthly publication dedicated to promoting critical dialogue within the local art scene.

Sally Kimpton is well known on the Comedy Circuit, most recently seen in Love is in the Air on the ABC TV. Her stage persona is warm and friendly and her material is comically enchanting. Don't miss your chance at seeing her live!

Sally Wyld's arts practice involves working within the Mount Isa community as an emerging visual artist. Sally's has skills in banner art, logo design, mural art, pottery' jellewery making, mosaics, painting and pastel art, cane and paper sculptures. Sally is a ricipient of a 2003 Youth Arts QLD YAMP mentorship.

Sam Fox is a Perth based creator and director of Hybrid Theatre. He has performed in, co-created and directed a number of works that have involved physical theatre, dance, multimedia and digital animation, site-specific performance and electronic music composition. Sam is a recipient of a 2003 Australia Council / Youth Arts QLD Spark mentorship.

Sam Watson is a talented, emerging new Aboriginal writer whose work has been praised by the judges of the David Unaipon Award - the annual writing award for new indigenous writers. Sam's work has been published in a range of literary journals. He is currently exploring his skills as a contemporary Indigenous artist, extending his work into the area of the visual arts.

Sam Whetton has a soft spot for textiles, but she is continually distracted by the alluring bright lights of the monitor. So she does her best to provide experiences of both. She likes her work accessible and messy, low and coloured, playing with computers, printed media, illustration, video, responsive installation and soft toys.

Sara Isherwood has been focusing on script-writing for theatre and a range of non-fiction writing and magazine writing for the past eight years. She is a graduate of QUT's Theatre Studies degree and is based in Atherton where she works closely with the Just Us Theatre Ensemble (JUTE). She is a recipient of a 2003 Youth Arts QLD YAMP mentorship.

Sarah-Jane Woolahan is an ex-QUT film nerd thrust into the nasty commercial world determined to take on the big guys at their own game. She established Squareyed Films in 1998 with Sean Gilligan, and developed a reputation for producing music videos (Silverchair, George, Superjesus, paulmac, Dan Brodie). Since 2002, Sarah-Jane has been working closely with activists to document events such as Pine Gap Anti-Bases, Save the Gully and the WTO protests. Kill Your Television is the latest activist mission.

Sarah Jerkmeister loves to eat cake and take over the world. Sometimes. Her favourite colour is pink. Pulitzer Prize winner 2005 for her book, "How to Write Bad Teen Angst Poetry", and go for Long Walks on the Beach. She is also an acclaimed musician, having played classical melodica in support of Hanson and Holly Valance. Critics worldwide consider her appearance to be Nightmarish.

Scott Sinclair: Scott is at present involved with the small black box and has been involved with the Australian experimental sound scene for many years.

Scott Witt is the President of The Society of Australian Fight Directors Inc.

Sean Gilligan: In between bouts of procrastination and bedroom rockstar posturing, Sean is one half of Squareyed Films. On his journey to find the meaning of life (so far unsuccessful) he makes music videos, documentaries and writes bad poetry which he hopes to turn into song lyrics.

Sean Mee has worked as an actor, director, dramaturg, writer, arts advocate and teacher for over 25 years. In 2000, he was appointed Artistic Director of La Boite Theatre, Brisbane. He was appointed to the Theatre Board of the Australia Council of the Arts in 1999 and is currently a member of the Board of the Australian National Playwrights' Centre.

Sean Taylor is an emerging mushroom, artist and sound maker. His work glues original-pir8 material together for the broadcast mutations of street art, activism, and bedroom bubbles. He is also curator of and a SOOB programmer.

Sebastian Moody is a Brisbane based conceptual artist best known for his public text works. Previous exhibitions include Built Under The Sun @ Southbank Parklands, 100% @ The Farm and GENERATION: Point Click Drag, a collaboration with his mentor Craig Walsh. He is one of the coordinators of Space Project.

Selina Braine's work expresses a muted and masked inter-cultural female voice. She is situated within a detached space where I am neither Sri Lankan nor Mauritian nor Australian. Yet am I also all of these. I hang within the gap of cultural displacement, where slippage occurs and questions are left open or merely unanswered.

Seri Davis studied Visual Art at RMIT. After her first year of the diploma, she moved up to Cairns where she started the Papua New Guinea Cultural Youth Group of Cairns. Through the PNG Cultural Youth Group, Seri has helped to coordinate and teach young people from the ages of 4 to 24yrs, traditional and contemporary songs and dances from all over Papua New Guinea, costume design and face painting workshops. Seri is a recipient of a 2003 Youth Arts QLD YAMP mentorship.

Severin M7: Recieved Arts Queenland creative developement funding in 1993 and again in 1994. Has performed in numerous Fringe Art festivals and various performance events/venues throughout Australia and Asia for many years.

Shari Sebbens co-wrote and performed her first play 'Pitch Black and The Seven Dorks' at the age of only 11. Since then she has become a member of the Barefoot Theatre Company. Shari feels that as an Indigenous Australian she wants to learn about the history of Black Theatre in Australia as a priority in her theatre training. She is a recipient of a 2003 Australia Council / youth Arts QLD Spark mentorship.

shuriken are an innovative/redundant pleasing noisy rock band.

Simone Hine is a screen-based performance artist, whose practice moves across different disciplines such as visual arts, dance, music and theatre Some recent major gallery exhibitions include "transpose" (Institute of Modern Art Brisbane, 2001), "compose" (Queensland Art Gallery, 2002) and "type" (The Farm, 2003). She has also produced multi-media theatre-based works at the Woodward theatre and at the Performance Space at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art as part of the IMA Program.

Simon Hunt is an artist from Sydney, currently lecturing in Digital Media at UNSW College Of Fine Arts. Best known in the guise of his satirical character "Pauline Pantsdown", he is also a theatre and film composer, and has worked as a screenwriter, film critic, script editor and sound designer.

Simon Wong: Oil Painting – Abstraction, Realist, Conceptual.

Siobhan Thakur is a valleycat currently on her fourth life. She takes photos and likes colour.

Sophie Codrington is a visual artist whose practise critiques and engages in dialogue with the mass media. In considering this, Sophie sees her practise to be that of a media sculptor. It is through active dialogue with mass media images that this artist aim to create a system of feedback. In short...if the messages situated within my landscape are directed at me and effect me that it should be said that I am able to affect them back.

Specimen: Expect lashings of the old school drum n bass sound topped off with a touch of funk and humour from one of Brisbane's rising junglist stars. DJing since 2000, from the word go drum n bass was the weapon of choice - any and all facets of the genre are thrown in and mashed up with mad scratching skills to create a unique cocktail of junglistic goodness.

Spoole: Live av-pop-glitch-cinema by Spanna, Anna & Poole, Jean. Twin-triggered vidi-yo clippery & processing, with the sound feed mashed live by Future Eater. Currently in their 'Country & Western' phase.

Stefan Cooper-Fox recently returned from the extremely popular Perth production of He Died with a Felafal in his Hand as part of the continuation of the Brisbane sellout seasons. Forever, Mother is a welcome return to the intimacy of fringe theatre. As a co-director of this production, Alien Voice Productions has brought Stefan one step closer to his long awaited desire of directing his own production.

Steph Walton has been in involved in community work for a number of years in Brisbane, including working with grass roots co-operative endeavours ranging from specific campaign building to ethical enterprise. He has also participated in a number of Aboriginal sovereignty and anti-nuclear campaigns with national and world-wide significance. Steph's current work is based around the notion of cultural recognition.

Stuart Mannion has been directing short films, music clips and documentaries in Brisbane for several years - His works include film clips for local artists Afro Dizzi Act, Eden James and Zephyr Timbre, and the short films Possession for Fly TV's One-small-room initiative, Tongmaster (the QPIX version) and soon Pests.

Stu Watters is the Executive Officer of Q Music, Queensland's peak body for contemporary music.

Sue Morris is a computer-game researcher from the University of Queensland's School of English, Media and Art History.

Summer Bland has been dancing and performing in musical theatre since she was five years old and can often now be seen dangling from a rope or trapeze in a circus tent. She completed an honours thesis at Queensland University in 2002, and has since been involved with the Brisbane Cabaret Festival, Rock n' Roll Circus and Vulcana Women's Circus. Summer is a recipient of a 2003 Youth Arts QLD YAMP mentorship.

Sunja Panimo is currently living in Brisbane and studying art.

Susan Hopkins teaches courses in sociology social psychology and communication theory at the University of Queensland, Ipswich campus. She writes regularly for academic journals and the popular press. Her areas of research expertise include popular culture, youth, feminism and femininity. She is currently interested in putting together publications and research on youth and new media and can be contacted at

Susan Kukucka is a freelance arts writer, editor and occasional photographer. She has a BA with Honours in English (1st Class) from UQ, and loves to do crazy things with pictures and words. She's the QLD reporter for THE PROGRAM (, a recipient of a 2003 Youth Arts Queensland mentorship, and co-manager of a lil ol' festival named SOOB.

Suzie G is a photographer/columnist/presenter/mc/judge/info-tainment specialist.Some of the comedy acts she has arranged publicity for are Flacco, Wil Anderson, Paul McDermott, Mikey Robbins, Adam Spencer and the Puppetry of the Penis.

Suzi Vaughan is Head of Fashion at QUT. Within this role Suzi is responsible for building up a distinct discipline identity. She is Course Coordinator for the BFA Fashion Design, the first fashion degree course to be offered in Queensland. Suzi was the head of a fashion design degree at the London College of Fashion. Prior to that her career included designing her own label and three years in Hong Kong as account manager for a New York fashion label.

Tanya Schnieder is a local Brisbane film and theatre actor. She has trained at The Actors Workshop, and also has a background studying in Film and Television. Really, she just wants to spend her life playing make believe. In the real world, she teaches Media Production at QUT.

Tara Pattenden is a new media artist mixing up video, animation, sound and performance. She has been organising exhibitions and multi arts events since 1997, bringing international and interstate artists to Brisbane. She has performed and exhibited works throughout Australia and internationally. Recent exhibitions and performances include Prime 2 at the Qld art gallery and a Japanese and Australian noise tour. She currently tutors in new media production at QUT and QCA.

Team Platique is an ultra explosion of eye-make-up and gaff tape. The ultimate girl band line-up where all you need is 1 boy to play the music and 3 girls to play each other. But is there more to the story? In a generation that worships retro, Team Plastique seeks to continue on from where 1984 abruptly left off. Ours is no token rehash. Ours is about capturing the je nais c'est pas of a decade that posed as posers. We may be pretentious but fuck we're having fun. It's plastique!

Tenzin Choegyal was born in exile in the remote Himalayan region of Mustang. His family fled to Mustang from Ngari in south-west Tibet in the early 1960's. Since studying Tibetan folk music in northern India, Tenzin now performs at major festivals and events both within Australia and internationally.

Terror is a renowned troublemaker and pyr8 (before it was fashionable) whose existence revolves around destroying the system and having as much fun as possible. As an empowered pedestrian his self fashioned skateboard, and Aboriginal Tent Embassy style police liaison skills, has made him rise to local celebrity status throughout the grassroots activist networks along the east coast. Terror is a strong Aboriginal Sovereignty advocate and has worked extensively with the RTS collective to include the input of the Brisbane traditional owners, the Turrbal people- in RTS's in Brisbane.

Terry Hansen is a very funny British comedian and writer for Back Berner ABC TV.

TextaQueen: Mobile Everready art. TextaQueen's ready to draw wherever she goes. The act of drawing is as much a spectacle as the images I make and so I'm a spectacle too. There's lots of crime fighting superheros with super powers. TextaQueen is the creative female superhero, capturing people on paper in the positive way she sees them.

T'fer Newsome is a small female Hobit, whose day job is sound tutor for film and television at QUT. She has a Masters Degree in Sound for Film and Television from the national Film School, but chooses not to play with the big boys, because she thinks they smell. She is currently setting up a sound studio in her house, and is waiting for the new series of Doctor Who... Although she suspects the planet might be destroyed to make way for a hyperspace bypass before it reaches television.

Thea Baumann aka Polymer Slut Lab is a digital artist, curator, and VJ. Her art practice spans an interest in game technology, video, and installations that explore BIT cities, machine worlds, and the phenomenon of Otaku [techno -fetishist]culture. She also coordinated the new-media section of SOOB, and instigated covert Pixel Busters guerilla projectionism missions under the veil of darkness. Recently she organised the gaming section of Electrofringe 03, and was the recipient of a Run_Way new-media grant to attend Ars Elecronica in Austria.

The Cell Block Tango are vixens of mayhem and music. Featuring Cindy Nelson, Cienda McNamara, Kathleen Murphy, Kristy Mayer and Jillian Wood.

The Fancy Boys are a hot pink strike force of love ambassadors from Gay Paris. Time Magazine named them "Sexiest Rock Group of All Time". They enjoy naked breakdancing, haircare, using their superpowers to fight evil and long walks on the beach.

The Jackal is the debut solo of Damian from Ponyloaf. Live laptop digitalism, deconstruction, reassemblage, Ponyloaf canon, original material, non-genre non-future. Currency: Kid606, Chicks on Speed, Gold Chains. Complexion: Standing in a shadow during fierce rain. "I like to dance" said the small hairy child.

The Pincer Movement possess a very layered sound that fuses live and electronic instruments, including two bass guitars and multiple drum layers, drawing on elements of funk, jazz and electronica.

The SpeedPoets is a collective of Brisbane poets and writers concerned with reinvesting the poetry scene with new vitality ... sending shockwaves through it actually! They hold monthly readings on Sunday afternoons at Belushi's Cafe and feature the works of Fakie Wilde, Stephanie Petrik, Graham Nunn, Gerald Roche, Robert Lort, Gavin James, Mel Dixon, Ben Doran, Brentley Frazer and others.

The Sperig Brothers are Brisbane twins making flicks together since the womb. Short films, commercials, video clips and a feature on their credit list - including the hugely successful feature, Undead.

Think Again are agit-artists who expect something political from art. We use images to challenge indifference and talk back to mainstream ideas that perpetuate injustice. Conceptually, Think Again's work covers a broad array of progressive political themes: from racism to gender inequality, from economic injustice to queer rights.

Timothy Kendell Edser's practice investigates the construction of masculinity in a series of performance installations entitled "Tension" and a number of painting and mixed media works entitle "Ride 'em". These works explore an emulation of masculinity and the male body, relating notions of identity as performative
and the inherent passivity of a masculine gaze.

Tim Parish is an artist and media activist based in Melbourne. He is a co-producer of SKA TV's Access News and works with Spacestation Video Lab making short experimental films and producing documentary projects such as Another World is Happening, focusing on solutions to sustainability being practised around Australia.

Tim Plaisted works with digital and traditional media. His works has been included in Multimedia Art Asia Pacific Festivals, exhibitied in Australia, Korea, Mexico and The United States and reviewed in Artforum. His most recent project, Surface Browser, was commissioned for the launch of the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts, UK Gallery alongside WARP records.

TinaB lives and breathes animation in general, and weird puppets and marionettes enacting our earthly myths in particular. Not entirely by choice, she is forced to divide her time between wage slavery and immersion in the delights of the screen worlds. She's also one half of the radical projection team BrainSpiral who bring you a variety of audio-visual delights at events such as Orphic & Trash Video's Film Club. BrainSpiral are dedicated to mutating media in Brisbania for all sorts of nefarious purposes.

Tony Albert is a local Indigenous artist currently completing his degree at QCA in Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art. His work explores the idea of 'alien' in popular culture to explore ideas of Australian identity.

Tony Luu started studying Film and Television at QUT in 1996 where he discovered an intense interest in all areas of filmmaking. After graduating, Tony received a working scholarship at BTQ channel Seven, and freelanced as a camera assistant and lighting technician. Since then he has worked for production companies including Squareyed Films, 50/50 films and Taxi, shooting Short Dramas, TVC's and Music Video. To date Tony has shot for bands like Powderfinger, Silverchair and George.

Tracey Robertson is one half of Brisbane production team, Hoodlum, responsible for national television series, Fat Cow Motel.

Trish Lake was previously a journalist but after her first foray into producing feature films, Getting Squared, she is now definitely a filmmaker. She was also recently appointed the QLD head of The Screen Producers Association of Australia.

UQ Vanguard is a publishing initiative based at the University of Queensland (UQ), managed, edited and designed by full-time UQ students. They are a non-profit organisation with no political or religious platform, that caters for both UQ and non-UQ writers, artists and designers. For more info visit Vanguard's website

Vicky Clare is Program Manager for dLux media arts (a new media arts and screen based organisation). Prior to this Vicky worked at the Australia Council New Media Arts Board as Assistant Program Officer. Vicky was a Committee Member of Sydney Arts Managers Advisory Group (2002/2003) and was Co-Director of Firstdraft Gallery, an artist-run-not-for profit gallery for two years (2000/2001). Vicky undertook a Bachelor of Design, College of Fine Art, University of New South Wales and completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University.

Vivienne Muller is a lecturer in Creative Writing and Cultural Studies at QUT and has been involved in the organization of local writing festivals. She has an abiding interest in feminist psychoanalytic theories, and she is combining some of these with cultural geography frameworks for her PhD thesis on "Narrative representations of Brisbane 1975-1995".

Wade Marynowsky recently co-ordinated the audio visual section of Electrofringe 03,where he also performed his new act AC/3P which has been released on spasticated records He has also recently started a new audio visual group called Bang Lassie with algorithmic research sound artist Dave Noyze. Previously Wade has performed extensivly as Marynowskyj and Spanky. He also produces experimental interfaces for interactive installations and is obsessed with fucked up Autraliana.

Warwick Adeney is co-concertmaster of The Queensland Orchestra. His flair and ability for the violin, as both a soloist and ensemble member, have delighted audiences here and abroad.

Wayne Murray is course coordinator and lecturer for AFTRS (Australian Film Television and Radio School)- Radio Programs. With over twenty years of technical experience in the audio-visual, education, radio and television industries, Wayne teaches courses on voice over work and an introduction to radio.

Yasca Singalia is a Gold Coast-based stunt co-ordinator whose team has worked on Peter Pan, Matrix Reloaded and music videos for Powderfinger and Superjesus.

Yasmin T. is a 4th year uni student (BSc. pharmaceutical chemistry) who works part-time in retail. She spends the rest of her time drinking beer, sewing clothes, dying/cutting hair, going to shows, skateboarding and wasting money on body mutilating metal appendages. she has a penchant for fancy undies, potatoes, shiny objects, plastic hairclips, moisturiser, contacting furniture, the smell of dynamo and baby powder, meat, shaved heads, tennis and rain. She doesn't like people who speak slowly, video games, sound art, g-strings, cats, movies that glorify drug use and organised religion.