July 24, 2003

What is Straight Out of Brisbane?

Straight Out of Brisbane is all about showcasing art and culture by Brisbane's many emerging and independent artists - across artforms and genres.

SOOB is dedicated to excavating the best in Brisbane's independent cultural production. We want to create opporties for everyone involved in independent cultural production here to exhibit, promote and talk about their work.

By independent we mean art and culture that is not produced for profit, is created outside of the framework of multinational corporate enterprise or large-scale government-funded arts organisations, is promoting and fostering DIY aesthetics or is excluded from mainstream public debate.

Straight Out of Brisbane favours the DIY aesthetic and seeks to champion "bedroom art". We want to celebrate independent thinking, publications, music, performance, visual art, fashion, design, film-making and digital media of all kinds.

We're also exceptionally keen to include groups or collectives of independent artworkers, wherever we can find them.

Art collectives, artist-run spaces, discussion groups, online communities, small galleries, writers groups, independent record labels and publishers, and small businesses in the creative industries such as independent boutiques and record stores are all part of our ambit.

Straight Out of Brisbane also seeks to create a new critical culture that will inform and be informed by independent thinking and contemporary art practice. our aim is to improve the public climate for contemporary and independent arts and ideas.

Longer-term goals include building community infrastructure for the independent scene (for example, a community web server) that seeks to help independent artists and thinkers build careers on a sustainable basis.

Posted by shazam at July 24, 2003 03:01 PM