Independent and emerging spoken word, comedy, performance poetry and debates.
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Available this week at Rocking Horse, Butter Beats, and throughout the Valley.



Straight Out of Brisbane is a festival of independent and emerging arts, culture and ideas. It's dedicated to excavating the best in Brisbane's independent cultural production.

We want to create opporties for everyone involved in independent cultural production here to exhibit, promote and talk about their work.




Straight out of Brisbane
139 Constance St,
Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006
+61 (7) 3403 0844

Spoken Word and Comedy Program

Wednesday 3rd December

SOOB Comedy /Cabaret Night
8:00PM - late :: Elephant & Wheelbarrow Underground Bar

COST: $10
Stand up comedy and Cabaret
With: Lisa Lamb, Sally Kimpton, Michael Lamb, Cristian Matheson, Mick Steel, Peter Grose, The Cell Block Tango, The Great Graham Reunion

Friday 5th December

Write funny and get paid
3:00PM - 5:00PM :: Visible Ink Meeting Room

Accomplished comedy writers of newspaper columns, television comedy, and radio material explain how they got there and how you can too. Discover where your writing talents lie & utilise them.
With: Terry Hanson (writer from Backberner ABC TV), Suzie G, Lisa Lamb, Peter Grose & Bridgette Boyle

How the West was won
8:00PM - 12:00AM :: Veg Out
COST: Gold coin donation

A spoken word performance event that groups together a platter of different art forms and artists and provides them with one simple brief; show the audience something beautiful, spin us a yarn! The night has a loose theme: The Western - with emphasis on the singular; the lone rider against a faux desert backdrop. One great story heard against the sea of the night's wolf howls can often be such a star of redemption within the complicated city. Plus music, dance from Amanda-Lyn Pearson and Karen Tait, booze, open mic and a gun slinging poetry slam!
Hosted and soundtracked by: Doomben's own Kid colt Moleskin.

Saturday 6th December

Match of the Decade
5:00PM - 6:00PM :: The Festival Club

History is made by those who turn up … Four leading lights of the Brisbane performing arts - Kooemba Jdarra Artistic Director Nadine McDonald, QTC Associate Director Leticia Caceres, La Boite Artistic Director Sean Mee, and local performer, clowning teacher and all-round theatrical explosion Andrew Cory will each have a little over ten minutes to answer one question:
What's your vision for the performing arts in Brisbane ten years from now?
And the best part is - when you come along, you get to vote for which one should come true! Hilarious, democratic and fully licensed, this is the one panel you can't afford to miss.
With: Nadine Mcdonald, Leticia Caceres, Sean Mee, Andrew Cory.

S.L.A.M. (Something Like A Metaphor)
6:00PM - 7:00PM :: The Festival Club

A look at family, illness and those irritating people who smoke your tailor-mades when they have rollies of their own, presented with a cynical yet slightly sheepish smile, Something Like A Metaphor is deep-dish performance poetry for people who don't like Performance Poetry. With musicians Josef Muller, Kathleen Forrester and Garth Daniels playing original music by Chris Perren, SLAM will hit up the Festival Club while Saturday is being cooled by evening.
With: Josef Muller, Kathleen Forrester, Chris Perren & more.

Sunday 7th December

Page in Mouth - SOOB exposes the author
12:00PM - 2:00PM :: The Festival Club

Panel Two: The Big Brisbane Poetry Summit and launch of the Poet in Residence Project: A cosy coffee fuelled afternoon session of readings by some of Australia's best young poets. The arvo will also serve to launch the Poet in Residence project. The formal festivities will be followed by a speed fuelled open microphone which will offer one lucky reader $160 as our panel selects the next resident poet! Come on the day and sign up for your chance at the bling bling or just come along to soak up the wordy goodness.
With: Sydney's Johanna Featherstone, Nick Powell, Luke Beesley, Mandy Beaumont, Brentley Fraser, Sam Watson & heaps more.