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Straight Out of Brisbane

is an event dedicated to excavating the best in Brisbane's independent cultural production. It emerged from a community of local artists in 2002 ...
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Why are we doing SOOB?

To our eye the Brisbane arts scene is institutionalised and hostile to emerging artists. SOOB is one response ...
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Straight Out of Brisbane Visible Ink Building
139 Constance St,
Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006
+61 (7) 3403 0844

Major Sponsors

The artists, workers and volunteers of this festival

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

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SOOB 2004 :: Program Highlights

The Straight Out Of Brisbane Festival unleashes its biggest program ever! More than 200 events and 1,000 artists will take over Fortitude Valley for 11 days this December, kicking off with our Opening Night Party on Thursday the 2nd at the Festival Club.

It's the biggest multi-arts festival in the state - a smorgasbord of performance, film, visual art, fashion, writing and spoken word, music, ideas, new media, games and urban theory. All local, all independent, and on all day and all night from the 2nd to the 12th of December.

Sink your teeth into some the following highlights:


SOOB Shop :: Valley Metro Arcade [Brunswick St train station building]
Take home a piece of SOOB … visit the SOOB Shop! With an assortment of music, art, jewellery, writing, artists books, ceramics, craft and more, the SOOB Shop features the best art-wares by some of Brisbane's finest independent artists. The SOOB Shop will be selling an impressive range of delectables in a shopfront in the Valley Metro arcade on Brunswick St (on the way into the train station) - for the duration of the festival.

Break It Down
Dec 2 – 12 :: See Visual Arts Maps & Itineraries available from TC Beirne Centre and the SOOB Festival Club.

Break It Down celebrates the passage and effects of time, the fleeting and the short-lived, all through public art. Who said public art had to be permanent? Witness SOOB Break it Down all over the valley this summer with In Search of a Niche, Damage, Sir bin a lot, Tag, Bovine Journeys & Metamorphosis Project.

Featuring: Archie Moore, Bec Nissen, Luke Lyman, Jason Cheetham and Simone Eisler.

Dec 2 – 12 with screenings @ 6pm on Friday 3/12 & Tuesday 7/12 :: TC Beirne Centre

A collaborative project that investigates the aesthetics of power and the psychology behind audience manipulation, Megalomania uses the conventions of Hollywood blockbuster trailers and political propaganda campaigns to create a satirical statement on the generation of fear and awe. Meglomania is a mixed-media installation involving sound, video, treated carpet and lightboxes.

Featuring: Madeleine King, Jesse Sullivan & Madeleine Allen-Cawte

The future of ideas online
1.00pm – 3.00pm :: SOOB Festival Club, 30 Misterton Street Fortitude Valley

“You can't govern a nation by Google” – or can you? How will new technologies affect the way we produce and distribute ideas? What will new web applications, P2P programs, & the rise of peer-edited websites bring? How might universities, NGOs, activists and think-tanks react? Featuring a showcase of independent online media.

Featuring: Tim Parish, Mark Pesce, Sohail Inayatullah, Alex Burns, Damien Lewis, Jim Nyland, Sarah Jansen, Wayne Sanderson, Kitty Carra & Andrea Fox and Tim Parish

Broadcasting Networks
5.00pm – 7.00pm :: TC Beirne Centre, Brunswick Street Mall

Traditional broadcasters are facing a revolution - bedroom media analysts, artists and activists now have access to free, opensource tools that let them distribute their content and ideas online. Streaming Technologies, Bit-torrent, RSS, Blogs, Community web portals and opensource codecs. We examine the tools and theories of a DIY internet "broadcaster" and some projects that are making it happen.

Featuring: Mark Fallu, Damien Lewis, Mark Pesce.

Miss Fortuna goes GREEK. Part of Matters of the Heart and Other Organs.
8pm – 12am :: SOOB Performance Space
, 21 McLachlan St, Fortitude Valley.
A naturally uninhibited exhibitionist Ms Fortuna will share with you the etiquette of plate smashing, the classic beauty of nude sculpture and her outstanding wardrobe of high fashion Greek couture, Ms Fortuna's Greek dancing is of Olympic proportions and she will bring a tear to your eye with her original lip-syncing renditions of major Greek pop hits. Created and Performed by Wendy MacPhee.

SOOB Festival Club, 30 Misterton St Valley
(off St Pauls Tce, opp Centrelink)
Cost : $5/$4 for SOOB members. On the door.
Starts 7pm. featuring:
Phoenecia (USA - DJ set)
Andy Rantzen (Syd – Ex Itchee + Scratchee)
Bubble + Squeek (Melb – live), Teschnik (live), Qua (Melb), Tommy RO, Very Angry Mobster, Tigermoth, Prussia, Manhandle Spiders, Hydatid, Simulcast, Lawrence English,
Souljam (Cairns), Jerry Mane (Cairns)


The art & politics of terror
1.00pm – 3.00pm :: SOOB Festival Club
, 30 Misterton Street Fortitude Valley
Shortly after the 9-11 attacks, seminal avant-garde composer Karl-Heinz Stockausen infamously declared “Now you must adjust your brain – what happened there is the biggest artwork of all times”. With three years of hindsight, can politics and destruction be art? Is culture-jamming cultural terrorism? What of the relationship between art and politics within the post 9-11 environment?

Featuring: Roland Bleiker, Mickie Quick, Arlene Texta Queen, and Sarah Nicholson

The importance of not being earnest
3.00 – 5.00pm :: SOOB Festival Club
, 30 Misterton Street Fortitude Valley
When is it ok to be serious? How do writers, campaigners, and the terminally enraged cope with Australia's suspicion of sincerity? We flee news programs to take refuge in reality TV, and use comedy as a news source - how much of this comes from not wanting to face serious issues head-on? Is comedy the best way of getting ideas across to a nation of cynics?

Featuring: Merlin Luck, Marni Cordell, Charles Firth, Christian Kerr & Carmen Seaby

Business As Usual
6.00pm – 8.00pm launch:: Fox Galleries, 103 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

Largest collaborative poster exhibition in Brisbane's history, showcasing an impressive collection of contemporary visual artists and street art practitioners from Brisbane and Melbourne. Featuring ‘Saint Rock,' an exhibition of more than 20 of Melbourne's finest street artists, the normally stale facade of a gallery will be transformed into an organic environment where the street meets the gallery's walls. Opening night will feature tigermoth playing abstract beats, interpreting the street as a form of jungle.

Featuring: Lister, James Dodds, mike chavez, ha ha, 1337, reka, sync, guz, phibs & ani.

Vortex of Glamour
9.00pm – late :: SOOB Festival club
, 30 Misterton St Fortitude Valley
$9.95 / $8.95. Pre-sold and on the door.
Featuring artwork installations by Kate Geck, Rose Lawson and Tim Woodward...
And music from, Mink Engine (Melb), Casionova (Finland),Death: Wolf, Kunt CD launch, Nam Shub of Enki, Collapsicon, Molliger, AOI, Fancy Boys, 2 Pants Rotation, Toxic Deathtrick, Chromer, The Olypmic Games, Faber Castell, Morloch, Smoking Sux Allstars, Symbiotek, Happy Christmas


The Tall Concrete Project
1.00 – 4.00pm :: SOOB Performance Space
, 21 McLaughlan Street Fortitude Valley
The work is predominantly concerned with media and starts from the position of being hyper-sensitized (rather than desensitized) to media. Sound is attached to the dancers who are then forced to embody local media and to physically resonate with the media we voluntarily and involuntarily consume.

POP! goes Politics
1.00 – 3.00pm :: Village Twin Cinema
, 701 Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley
Can reality TV be used for good instead of evil? Why do so many people reject the combination of politics and pop culture? But if activist culture and meaning is appropriated by advertainment corporations is it still revolutionary, and if the activists could make ‘Reclaim the Streets' a top forty hit, would they? Our panellists discuss whether Australia can handle a dose of the radical in their favourite idol, and if the political fringes should stop preaching to the converted and start talking mainstream.

Featuring: Merlin Luck, Antony Loewenstein, Julian Morrow, and Josh Walker

Double Happiness launch-fest
6.00 – 8.00pm :: SOOB Festival Club
, 30 Misterton Street Fortitude Valley

Non-fiction strikes back! Two launches for the price (free) of one. With Spinach7 - the seductive Fabio of intelligent magazines, and Interface – the first anthology produced by national youth website

Featuring: Eve Vincent & Marni Cordell, author readings from the Interface anthology, and guest performers.

8.00pm – 9.00pm :: SOOB Performance space
, 21 McLaughlan Street Fortitude Valley
The Pythia for almost a thousand years spoke the prophecies of the future, spewed forth revelations to philosophers like Socrates, Kinop priests. Imagine if she spoke today… No longer the vessel of the gods, but as an absolute beginning of words and their end.

Dush Boof
8pm – 3am :: 610 Studios (Old IMA building, 610 Ann St Valley)

$5 / $4 for SOOB members. On the door.
Toecutter (Syd), DJ Arsecrack (Melb), DJ Tiddyfuck (Melb), Robin Fox (Melb), Puzahki,
4 Layers of 9, Equalizer 24K, Joe Musgrove, Scott Sinclair, Bris147

Friday 3rd December 2004, 9 pm – 12 midnight , Ann St & Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley

Ann's Street Party will be a performance marathon behind the glass of more than twenty shopfront windows along Ann and Brunswick Streets, Fortitude Valley. For one night only, retail outlets transform into theatre venues. Inside each window is a different performance by 50 of Brisbane's finest young performance artists. Physical theatre, dance, puppetry, fashion makeovers, comedy, love stories, visual art and games of twister are all part of this strange and wonderful spectacle. Ann's Street Party will be a celebration of Brisbane's most exciting independent artists, in some of the Valley's most distinctive and visible spaces.

Rudebwoyz Monthy + the best of Nutznboltz Records
9pm - 4am :: SOOB Festival Club, 30 Misterton St Valley
(off St Pauls Tce, behind Queensland Teachers Credit Union Building)
Cost : $5/$4 for SOOB members. On the door.
Featuring downstairs:
Operon, Erther, Justus, Kosha D,Aniki
Helmut Koch (Ger), Metrognome, Klika, Nam Shub Of Enki, Andy Rantzen (Sydney – Ex Itchee + Scratchee), Iki-Jima,Sushi.
Nutznboltz launch of Genisis, CD compilation of the best on the label.

The Click: Gravity Check
8.30pm - 12pm :: Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts
, 420 Brunswick St, Valley
Cost : $15/$10 for SOOB Members and students

Freefall your way through visual installations, creative happenings, and live performances, to experience dance at its finest, music at its freshest, Valley nitelife at its funkiest – the click.:.gravity check

Lisa O'Neill, Osmosis, Polytoxic, Lawrence English, Simone Hine, Clare Dawson, Tim Brown, Matt Fraser


Alt.Careers.Day @ SOOB!
All day :: SOOB Festival Club
, 30 Misterton Street Fortitude Valley
Talk with unique individuals from self-shaped walks of life, creative people making their own way, find out what motivates them and how they keep on keepin' on! Pick the person whose ‘job' you want to steal & ask them how to do it. Anyone keen on a career in the arts, media, IT and social change should be here.With fresh coffee and mingling, and stalls & exhibits of kick-ass projects and initiatives around Brisbane.

Open Digital Screens
2.00 – 5.00pm :: Visible Ink Building
, 139 Constance Street Fortitude Valley
Screening space is opened up for a few hours to allow members of the public who didn't get a chance, didn't know about soob to show their video/animated works to a peer group audience and receive feedback too.

Featuring: Anyone!! You!!

Robot Culture
3.00 – 5.00pm :: Visible Ink Building
, 139 Constance Street Fortitude Valley
Kirsty Boyle will do an individual presentation to coincide with the opening of her work in the Mechalust exhibition. She will be discussing the cultural and conceptual aspect of her new body of work and her most recent project, Girltron. The Robot Culture forum will provide an introduction to the world of Karakuri from ancient Japan to Sony robots.

Small Black Box - Old Instruments, New Improvisation
4pm - 7pm :: SOOB Performance Space
, 21 McLachlan St Valley
Cost: $5 / $4 for SOOB members. On the door.
Brisbane Noise Orchestra, Lloyd Barrett, Robin Fox (Melb)

Exhibition runs 5 – 8 Dec, 12.00 – 5.00pm. Opening 5th Dec. 6.00pm – 8.00pm :: Institute of Modern Art and TC Beirne Centre

A new media exhibition presenting the work of artists exploring notions of machine desires, automated lovers, techno-fetishism, robot love, and otaku infatuations with virtual identities. Media includes CG slide projections, digital prints, Quake game mods, and animation. Mechalust is accompanied by an artist talk on robot culture and a workshop on dolls and toy hacking conducted by artist Kirsty Boyle. &

Featuring: Linda Erceg (Australia), Tetsuto Takahashi (Japan), SumGuy (USA), Kirsty Boyle (Australia). Curated by Thea Baumann.

Musical Mystical Circus soobLIME
8pm – 2am :: SOOB Festival club
, 30 Misterton St Valley (off St Pauls Tce, opp Centrelink, behind Queensland Teachers Credit Union building)
Cost : $4/$3 for SOOB members. On the door.

Bertha Control, Red Paintings, Artivism, Bling Supreme, DJ Dub Matrix
Circus performers from Vulcana Women's Circus


Creative Industries Micro-Business Forum
12.30pm – 6.00pm :: Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th :: Metro Arts Building
, 109 Edward Street, Brisbane City

The 2004 Creative Industries Micro-Business Forum, brought to you by SOOB and Metro Arts' Biz Arts Makers, is a two-day forum focussing on entrepreneurialism in the arts and creative industries. Following on from last year's successful Creative Industries Micro-Business Forum, this year's program is designed for working artists, students, sole traders and small business people in the creative industries.

Keynote Speaker: Mark Jarman, Senior Corporate Counsel, Seven Network; Director, Talentworks, Alternate Director – Ticketmaster7 and AFL Films.
Mark is part of Seven Network's New Media and Investment Group responsible for Seven's investments in convergent media, music, broadcast and stadium assets. Mark has negotiated deals with everyone from individual artists through to large corporate take overs. He's very familiar with the theatre of negotiation. Mark will share with you the best way to approach a deal. What's expected of you as the artist? What will a media company or agency be looking for? What rights can you expect to keep and how much do you have to give away? How far can you negotiate? And at what point will you risk the other party walking away? Mark will give an insight into the secret world of getting the right deal for you and your project.

Team Evil Presents Kitten in Mittens: A multimedia art display thing
8.00pm – late :: SOOB Festival Club
, 30 Misterton Street Fortitude Valley
Featuring: Milk is Chillin' (Poland), Chloes' Jeans featuring the Super Pussy Panda Girls (Live Guitar Pop), The Clap, 7th Chapter Brass, Elvis, 8-Ball Aitken + really random art for sale


Creative Industries Micro-Business Forum
12.30pm – 6.00pm :: Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th :: Metro Arts Building
, 109 Edward Street, Brisbane City

Brought to you by SOOB and BizArtsMAkers. Second day of the Creative micro-business forum.

Space is the Place
6.00pm – 7.00pm :: SOOB Performance space
, 21 McLaughlan Street Fortitude Valley
Space is the Place: will take you on a romantic cinematic journey through both space and time. From the vantage point of the epic night sky and our own precarious minds, Space is the Place to either consider the infinite, or just enjoy the view. Through the dark and light, the imagined and real, Space is the Place will survey our solar system as a canvas of emotions and actions ...
Featuring: Sean Taylor Leech + Rachael Main


Urban Theory Day
12.00pm – 6.00pm :: SOOB Festival Club
, 30 Misterton Street Fortitude Valley
The SOOB Urban Theory program features a conference-style series of panel discussions focussed on the impact of artists and creativity on the city and the impact of the city of the work of artists.
12.00pm: Urban Invasions Episode 2 – Infrastructure with Anna Tweeddale, Mickie Quick, Emile Zile & James Dodds
2.00pm: Infrastructures of Identity: Documenting Cities with Sally Brand, Ricardo Felipe, David Franzke & Andy Mac
4.00pm: Cities, Culture and Infrastructure with Anna Tweeddale, Peter Browning, Andy Mac, Mickie Quick
6.00pm: The Launch of MOTEL, an international urban cultural zine

Ratings bloodbath and diagnostic: there are no grown ups in oz
6.00 – 8.00pm :: SOOB Festival Club
, 30 Misterton Street Fortitude Valley
Lacking a ratings system for games, Australian players get the teen variant, there are no grown ups here! A panel and diagnostic for those of you who want the choice!

BIAF: Beyond the Representational
6.30pm – 8.30pm :: Village Twin Cinema
, 701 Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley
Beyond Disney, beyond Pixar, there's a whole other world of animation. Beautiful, abstract, hand painted, computer generated, artistic moving images that 'animate' worlds of patterns, illusions and other strange dimensions. The Griffith University 5th BIAF screened October 2004 to a grateful audience. Here's your chance to see the most artistic and challenging works submitted to the festival. Be advised, there's nary an anthropomorphised fish to be seen!

Sideshow Valley
8.00pm – 10.00pm :: Village Twin Cinemas
, 701 Brunswick St, New Farm
Roll up, roll up … it's the Side Show Valley, a series of video installations that includes a peep show booth, nude life-videoing and tongue painting, all staged in the elegantly psychedelic foyer of the Village Twin. The nude life-videoing will involve a workshop
with local artists. In Writing, Speaking, Intimacy artist Freya Pinney invites you to gaze at the intimate act of tongue writing - using food colouring on ?esh. All work on the night will be exhibited for the remainder of the festival.

Featuring: The Projection Room, Di Ball, Grant Stevens, Amanda Culyer, Jacqui Vial, Freya Pinney and Robb Kelly

Human Antenna. Part of Matters of the Heart and Other Organs.
8pm – 12am :: SOOB Performance Space
, 21 McLachlan St, Fortitude Valley.
About a young woman who is exploring the relationship between her personal memory and the media saturated experiences of our digital present. The performer uses her body as a human antenna scrolling through images of static, digital imagery and her own childhood memories.

Lucky Dip
8pm – 2am :: SOOB Festival Club
, 30 Misterton St Valley (off St Pauls Tce, opp Centrelink, behind Queensland Teachers Credit Union Building)
Cost : $5/$4 for SOOB members. On the door.

Featuring: Dirty Mathematics , The Peepshow, The Whirlybirds, The Hopes, Icic. Toowoomba showcase: Red Coat, Blonde Cobra, Finabar, The Reparations


SOOB Art Auction
6.00pm – 9.00pm :: Spark Bar, Brisbane Powerhouse

Featuring a delectable range of works for your bidding pleasure, this auction encourages you to put your money where your mouth is and support Brisbane's independent arts scene and artists. These collectibles are on sale for one night only – spot the art you want and place you bids!

Survival of The Prettiest
7.00pm – 8.00pm :: Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse

It is one of the most insidious yet alluring of all vices. It leaves countless young minds corrupted, and maxed-out credit cards in its wake. Are you aware of the dangers of prettiness?

9.30 pm – 10.30pm :: SOOB Performance space
, 21 McLaughlan Street Fortitude Valley
In this MODERN post apocalpytic world LOVE is EXTREME-ly hard to find (and harder to keep).modLOVex is a neo-non-love-not-story. Boys who loved girls who loves boys who likes boys who loves anyone ... that cares. WARNING: this show is not recommended for those with weak stomachs or fragile hearts.

Metal Demolition
8pm – 3am :: SOOB Festival club
, 30 Misterton St Valley (off St Pauls Tce, opp Centrelink, behind Queensland Teachers Credit Union Building
Cost : $5/$4 for SOOB members. On the door.

featuring: Preference , Lynchmada , Minus Life , Trace Element

Black Massacre
8pm – 3am :: 610 Studios
(Old IMA building, 610 Ann St Valley)
$6 / $5 (SOOB members)
A night of dance, death and sweaty voodoo curses. 2 rooms. Please leave your chainsaw at home
kunt (CD launch) , lucas abela , equalizer 24k, the slippery roger, masami bin laden, corpsicle, lame (jap), robot, aoi, tre

High Contrast
9pm – 4am :: The Moonbar, Empire Hotel, Valley

$18 presold & SOOB members / $25 on the door.
featuring ...
High Contrast (UK)
Erther + Justus, Static + Lincoln, Aniki, Miss Brown (live), Visuals by ION


11.00am – 6.00pm Friday 10, Saturday 11, Sunday 12 :: TC Beirne Centre

An exhibition showcasing works from the proppaNOW Aboriginal artists collective in Brisbane. proppaNOW is a dedicated group of individuals whose urban expression questions the position that is ascribed to Aboriginal people and culture within Australia.

Workshop: Game boy development
6.00pm – 8.00pm :: Visible Ink Building
, 139 Constance Street Fortitude Valley
Got a game boy sitting around somewhere? Why not use it as a platform to make your own games? Chris Mccormick introduces you to tools and the techniques you can use to mess with your old game boy.

24 Hour Play Project
Launch Friday 10, shows Saturday 11 Dec, 8pm :: SOOB Performance space
, 21 McLachlan Street Fortitude Valley
In 24 hours, 4 emerging directors must create and direct a play based on a set stimulus. On the 10th the stimulus is announced and the teams get to work - hosted by Laboite's Associate Director Ian Lawson, their creations will be put to life on the 11th at the SOOB Performance space.

When Reviewers Attack!
6.00 – 8.00pm :: The Park Mezzanine Room, Brisbane Powerhouse

It's the battle of the century as we pit artists against critics, and there can be only one survivor. Join us for a lively public debate (complete with adjudicator) on the role of the critic. Can critics go too far? What does it feel like to cop a bad review? Does the reviewer have a duty to the public? Where do their loyalties lie, especially in a small artistic community such as Brisbane's? The answers to all of these burning questions and more wait … when reviewers attack!!!

Featuring: Benjamin Law, Mandy Beaumont, Nike Bourke, Graham Nunn, Chad Parkhill and Jo Walker.

The Louche Show
6.00 – 8.00pm :: No. 12
, 12 McLachlan St Fortitude Valley
The fashion show of the season is here! Louche juxtaposes the visual styles of Brisbane's newest crew of fashion designers against the backdrop of the city's best electronic artists. FromToyko chic to Gothic cool, Louche promises a surreal visual experience as models stride down an astro turf runaway illuminated by the digital creations of SOOB new media makers. The event will also include the launch of the Louche Fashion magazine.

Featuring: Alannah Ashworth, Rosie Lawson, Sarah Moore, Xelyna, Samantha Whetton, Browyn Watson, Whatever and MiekaJaine. Hair styled by Oscar Oscar and makeup by Kate Geck.

Grotesque Voiceworks Launch
8.00pm - 9.30pm :: The Park Mezzanine Room, Brisbane Powerhouse

Feeling weird, strange? Fantastically distorted? Absurdly incongruous? Well then, pull your ugliest T-shirt over your scaly hide and drag that slimy tail down to the launch of Voiceworks #59: the Grotesque issue. Prepare to be baffled by hideous, topsy-turvy performances,

Featuring: Ben ‘Fundamentally Ambivalent' Law, Tai ‘Demented by Excess' Snaith, Tom ‘Really Rather Grotesque' Doig … and you, you big freak!

8pm – 4am :: SOOB Festival Club
, 30 Misterton St Valley (off St Pauls Tce, opp Centrelink)
Cost : $10/$9 for SOOB members. On the door.
Starts 8pm
featuring ...
Minimum Chips, The Golden Circles, Delpino, Turnpike, Shuriken, 4 Layers of 9, AOI, The Devereaux, The Grates, 2 Pants Rotation, The Young Professionals, Mutilate, Biffplex, Lord Chezwell, Chromer, El Crumple Dash, Barrage

SOOB in Byron
8pm – 3am :: Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay

Cost: $10
TZU (Melb), Urthboy + Ozi Batla and Elgusto (Syd), Liones, DJ Bacon, Rainman (syd), Noel Boogie


The Role of Independent Publications in a One Paper Town
12.00pm – 2.00pm :: Level 2, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts

When you live in a city with only one major newspaper, how important do publications like street press, independent newspapers and free magazines become? What role do they play … or should play. Speakers from a selection of indy print media sources discuss their media visions and broadsheet critiques.

Featuring: Tim Milful, Kate Scott, Sophie Ham and Samantha Ryan.

Up and Coming
2.00 – 4.00pm :: TC Beirne Centre
, Brunswick Street Mall
Fresh Cuts in nature, this panel will unveil the future of Brisbane's arts scene. Artists included have been plucked straight from their studios and QUT & QCA's graduating exhibitions. This panel is all about firsts for the artists, but it's also your first chance to meet and greet Brisbane's future arts superstars.

Featuring: Graduating QUT and QCA visual artists and local emerging artists.

The “Champagne on Arrival” boat cruise:
Boat Leaves from Mowbray Park, East Brisbane at 2pm and docks back at 6pm

Cost $10. All guests receive a complementary glass of “Champagne on Arrival”. featuring ...
Une Deux Trois [featuring members from Minimum Chips]
Small World Experience [legendary Brisbane indie pop band], The Zebras, Death:wolf!, Barrage [Melb]
+ guest dj's

Getting It Out There
4.00pm – 6.00pm :: Level 2, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts

Are you an unpublished genius? Come along to hear a panel of successful authors from different backgrounds talk about their methods of publication and self-promotion. Learn the tips and tricks of the trade that will give your manuscript the edge inside the slush pile, and how to maintain your momentum as a professional once you are published.

Featuring: Stuart Glover, Craig Bolland, Alasdair Duncan, Anita Bell and Sam Wagan Watson

Really Damn Big Hip-Hop Gig
6pm – 3am :: SOOB Festival Club
, 30 Misterton St Valley (off St Pauls Tce, opp Centrelink, behind Queensland Teachers Credit Union building)
Cost : $10 + BF presale / $10 Zed subs & SOOB members on the door / $12 everyone else on the door. Only 300 tickets!
Starts 6pm.

Australian-made hip-hop. Lots of it. featuring ...
TZU (Melb)
Urthboy + Ozi Batla and Elgusto (The Herd, Syd)
Combat Wombat (Syd/Melb)
The Serenity, The Optimen, The Coalition, Liones, DJ Bacon, Robby Balboa, The Sewing Circle [Julez, Dragonfly + Affix], 143 Crew, Rainman and Steve B. (Drop Zone), United Natives (Cairns), Blitz (Cairns), Tigermoth, Raman, Matty Manuva, Phat Kontrola, Briztronix, Noel Boogie

Reelife Film Festival
7.00pm –9.00pm :: Village Twin Cinemas
, 701 Brunswick St, New Farm
Reelife is a festival of youth ?lmmaking and ideas. It is run entirely by and for people 25 years and under. This short ?lm competition represents young people having control over presenting and de?ning their culture and their concerns through our culture's most popular medium. Reelife's ?lms aim to re?ect the cultural, socio-economic and geo-diversity of young Australians.

Positronic is a bush party and landcare event happening at conondale, in the sunshine coast hinterland.
Cost: $10 for those who arrive by 10 am on saturday and help with the landcare work or $25 after that. $20 presold tickets available from gooble warming in West End or by emailing

featuring ...
phoenecia (live - usa - schematic/warp)
burnt friedman & hayden kent chisholm (live - germany - nonplace recs/ninja tune)
sycophant (live - melb - psyneumatix), siaqua (melb), dr zaius (melb), aniki, sam-i-am
paul abad, symbiotek, mustaphaa, spankinhide, i/o, kaneda, neon princess, cinii, dub matrix
forest + looq, boogieman, tibro crew
~ visual::: travelling kaleidoscopic candle bonanza, jean poole (melb), spatial anomaly,
enchanted forest, optik nerve, shelly, carnival of the divine imagination, zyeronik


SOOB Zine Fair
1.00pm – 4.00pm :: Visible Ink Building
, 139 Constance Street Fortitude Valley
It's ba-ack! The ever-popular SOOB Zine fair has returned for a third year, complete with a new selection of photocopied pennings and chapbook wonders for your reading pleasure. Browse, swap, sell, give away. Got a zine that you'd like to unleash upon the unsuspecting world? Email by the 8/11 to reserve your space at the fair.

4ZZZ-FM Birthday Party / SOOB Closing Night Party
1pm – 12am :: SOOB Festival club
, 30 Misterton St Valley (off St Pauls Tce, opp Centrelink, behind Queensland Teachers Credit Union building )
Cost : $5 / FREE for Zed subs & SOOB members. Starts 1pm
An all-day party to celebrate the close of SOOB and the birthday of Zed. How much independent culture can you take???

featuring ...
Nao Tokui (Japan)
Monster Zoku Onsomb, The Serenity, The Brisbane City All-Skas, Black Mamba, Jack Judson, Gazoonga Attack (accoustic set), Second Hand Smoke, Perfect Lovers, jean p00le (melb), Martin Lawrence English, Vietnam Vets with Tourettes

Slam the Body Politik + SOOB::New Writing Launch
5.00pm – 7.00pm :: SOOB Performance space
, 21 McLaughlan Street Fortitude Valley
Synaptic Graffiti presents a Slam the Body Politic, revolutionary mix of music, art, poetry, animation and spoken word, with profits from CD sales donated to the Refugee Action Collective, QLD. Contributing to the literary vibe on the night will be the launch of SOOB::New Writing, a book-length anthology of emerging Brisbane writers. Chill out to some readings and literary busking … this gig celebrates everything wordy!

Featuring: Sara Moss, Graham Nunn, Stefanie Petrik, SCART, Rowan Donovan, David Stavanger, Mandy Beaumont, Bernard Houston, Miss Kate, Liz Hall-Downs, Kim Downs & Jayne Fenton-Keane Chad Parkhill and Stephen Dann's literary buskers.

Kill Your TV Official TV Series Premiere
7.00pm – 10.00pm :: Village Twin Cinemas
, 701 Brunswick St, New Farm
D DAY HAS ARRIVED - we all knew it was coming. It's here, KYTV - THE TELEVISION SERIES' OFFICIAL PREMIERE. Three half-hour episodes of satirical, subversive, intelligent and hilarious television brought to you by the KYTV collective, with an intermission performance by President Dubya (Jack Kennedy). KYTV is a collective of independent artists, activists and media makers, based in Brisbane and throughout Australia producing work outside the con?nes of commerce, hierarchy and censorship.
Featuring: KYTV and Jack Kennedy.

The Interactive Game Art and Virtual Environment (i-GIVE) Awards
8.00pm, Closing Party
:: Festival Club
The i-give awards aim to promote creative exploration and innovation within the field of games and new media arts. Our first experiences of games often come in the form of toys; so in the spirit of playful creativity and exploration this years I-GIVE awards call for entrants to submit games or new media works that can be considered as 'toys'!
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