Project Description

The A5135-H is a compact high-sensitivity concurrent GNSS antenna receiver that integrates CSR’s latest SiRFstarV technology into a single, compact and easy to integrate SMT device.

By supporting simultaneous GLONASS, GPS, QZSS and SBAS measurements with the industry’s best sensitivity engine, the highest accuracy, ground tracks and fastest time-to-first-fix (TTFF) are ensured even under tough operating conditions.

Concurrent GNSS receiver

The A5135-H will track and follow GPS and GLONASS systems concurrently. Dual reception of GPS and BeiDou or even concurrent GLONASS and BeiDou reception is still possible by setting up the parameters. Our fine tuned signal reception and sophisticated software algorithms improve availability and accuracy in urban canyon environments.

Avada Macbook Image
Avada Macbook Image

Pin-to-pin compatible with A2135-H / A2235-H

This A5135-H is pin-to-pin compatible with  Maestro A2135-H / A2235-A. Power, ground and dedicated pins are at the same location across device densities in order to adapt to your current design.

Lowest tracking power consumption

SiRFaware’s advanced low power management modes, high level of integration and multiple communication ports in a small form-factor makes the A5135-H suitable for a broad spectrum of GNSS applications where performance, cost and time to market are prime considerations.

Avada Macbook Image
SiRF Live

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