We make the configuration easier

Available in English & Chinese

We make your terminal use more friendly

The Maestro Smart Terminal is a common Hyper Terminal replacement software that will run on any Windows compatible with .NET4. It has been designed for the use with modem, short cut to patch the firmware, auto switched connection on top, log of the dialog page, quick clickable command on the side, etc…

This software is a trusted Microsoft ClickOnce application and requires that your computer is up to date (including Windows updates and latest .NET framework).

Download the file below to launch the installation process. Please follow the instructions, it will prompt you to update .NET libraries, and then install the application. The installation process will create a shortcut on your Desktop.

Available in English & Chinese

Features include on V 2.0

Maestro designed this software with an useful and intuitive interface in order

to set your device in a matter of seconds.

  • Remote status check and monitoring
  • I/O monitoring
  • Dynamic DNS services
  • Ping
  • GPRS and IP configuration
  • Call screening
  • Remote AT command by SMS
  • Run Smart Pack or Sierra WIPSoft