Project Description

Compact and intelligent industrial modems

Available in 3G and CDMA. The M100 485 Series is the perfect solution for M2M applications facing tough environmental conditions and extended lifetime requirements.

Maestro SmartPack

SmartPack simplify user experience by providing an easy to use interface for setting-up your modem. Fully integrated with all the M100 485 Series, it will let you choose your preferred configuration for a quick integration into your application.


This compact and intelligent modem running Open AT ® Application Framework

supports specific protocols and accessories specifically developed by Maestro to ease integration with industrial equipment such as electricity meters, programmable logic controllers, lifts and vending machines.

 Main Markets

Dual or tri-band HSDPA

The M100 485 Series is ready for global deployment and supports a large range on network frequencies (dual or tri-band) with High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA). This technology offers you high speed downloads for your installations: up to 3,6 Mbit/s.

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RS 485

Half-duplex RS-485

RS-485 allows multiple devices (up to 32) to communicate at half-duplex on a single pair of wires, plus a ground wire, at distances up to 4000 feet. The length of the network and the number of nodes can easily be extended thanks to various repeater products actually sold on the market for low prices.

Digital input / output x 2

The M100 485 Series features two digital I/Os’ port which could be used for alarm, tampering or to trigger an event.

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Avada Macbook Image


Using a combination of GPS satellite signals and the cell towers themselves, gpsOne allows your location to be plotted with greater accuracy than traditional GPS systems in areas where satellite reception is problematic due to buildings or environment and tell 911 dispatchers where your device is located is case of emergency with more accuracy.

USB 2.0

The M100 485 Series modems includes a mini-USB port for direct connection to a computer or industrial equipment.

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The M100 485 Series is fully type approved and ready for global deployment.

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