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Compact and intelligent industrial modems

Available in 2G, 3G and CDMA. The M100 2G is the perfect solution for M2M applications facing tough environmental conditions and extended lifetime requirements.

Maestro SmartPack

SmartPack simplify user experience by providing an easy to use interface for setting-up your modem. Fully integrated with all the M100 series, it will let you choose your preferred configuration for a quick integration into your application.


Compact and intelligent modem running Open AT ® Application Framework

Maestro M100 series modems support industrial protocols and accessories specifically developed by Maestro to ease integration with industrial equipment such as electricity meters, programmable logic controllers, lifts and vending machines.

 Main Markets

main market modem
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Ultra small form-factor

With a common form-factor of 63 x 60 x 22mm Maestro 100 series modems are the modem of choice for applications were space is limited.

Digital input / output x 1

The Maestro 100 2G features a digital I/O port which could be use for alarm, tempering or to trigger an event.

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Avada Macbook Image

Analogue input x 1

The M100 2G features one analogue input which allowed connection for sensor to monitor values such as temperature, flow, or pressure.

Gold cap. backed-up RTC

The M100 2G is delivered with a gold cap capacitor: this alternate supply source allows the Real-Time-Clock to maintain the current time and date while the main power source (grid electricity) is absent.

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The M100 2G is fully type approved and ready for global deployment.

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