Project Description

The A2035-H is Maestro Wireless Solutions answer to the most critical challenges in the GPS market: simplified integration, leading performance, and efficient time to market. The combination of the enhanced fully functional SiRFStar IV GPS engine and a custom-designed high directional patch antenna on board help to ease engineers integration effort of leading GPS technology into devices.

The A2035-H fully addresses the demand for extreme low power operation and ultra-fast Time-To-First-Fix. Its high level of sensitivity allows for use in the most demanding environmental conditions.

Small footprint

The power pins, ground pins, and dedicated pins are at the same pin location across device densities so it can adapt to your actual configuration.

Avada Macbook Image
Avada Macbook Image

Ultra Low power consumption

SiRFaware’s advanced low power management modes, high level of integration and multiple communication ports in a small form-factor makes the A2035-H suitable for a broad spectrum of GPS applications where performance, cost and time to market are prime considerations (only 29 mA average tracking)

Anti-jamming detection

Our receivers offer an anti jamming feature: they constantly scan the signals in the area and blank out the non-satellite ones. You are then safe from jammers and others interferences.

 SiRF Live

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Test the performance of Maestro GNSS receivers and develop your application with SiRF Live software. Download here



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