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Maestro 100 CDMA

Easy to use, reliable, industrial modems

The Maestro Wireless M100-CDMA modem has been specifically designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The compact design, supporting high voltage range and power surge resistant, the Maestro M100-CDMA can be easily integrated into a board array of demanding industrial applications, including electricity metering,security alarm systems and vending machines. Included in the M100-CDMA is embedded gpsOnce enabling location awareness applications. The Maestro Wireless M100-CDMA is certified and available on the Sprint, Verizon and Aeris networks in the USA, a generic version is also available.


Main Markets


Main Features

  • Industrial and robust design CDMA modem
  • High Voltage Range 9 to 60V DC
  • Embedded gpsOne


Immediate Deploy M2M applications

Together with The Wyless QuickStart Pack, you can easily develop, test and deploy M2M applications on mobile networks in over 120 countries.

Fast track your M2M application with a free 90 day trial

The Wyless QuickStart Pack, together with a Maestro Wireless development kit, provides everything your customer needs to connect to the Wyless secure mobile data network and begin development and testing of their M2M applications. GSM and CDMA options are available in both 2G and 3G formats.

*Offer Currently Valid ONLY for North America

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