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  • A2235a



Smart GPS Antenna Modules
    Applications :
  • Fleet management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Personal Tracking
  • People monitoring
  • Portable Device
SMT based integrated GPS antenna module sq Lowest assembly cost
17.8 x 16.5 mm² sq Small footprint
29 mA average tracking (full power mode) sq Ultra Low power comsumption
-163 dBm tracking sq Bench marking sensitivity
In-band jamming signal removal sq up to 9 strongest interferes can be detected and excised







Stack-up Antenna SiRFstarIV Integrated Solution

The A2235-H is Maestro’s next generation of active GPS module, integrating a cost effective GPS receiver with an on-board patch antenna judiciously assembled above the components for an optimally small 17.8 x 16.5 mm footprint. This versatile, stand-alone receiver combines the high performance of a SiRFStar IV GPS engine and its extensive features, and a custom high gain patch antenna for best in class sensitivity and position accuracy. Self-contained and easy-to- integrate, the A2235-H results in lower cost of manufacturing and faster times- to-market in a wide range of automotive, consumer and industrial applications. This module was also designed to allow simple migration from A2035-H based designs.


All Maestro Wireless Solutions products come with detailed manuals and easy-to-use evaluation boards. The A2035-H operates in the full temperature range from -40°C to +85°C.




Technical Details


Channels 48
Correlators 400,000 plus
Frequency Ll - 1,575MHz
Tracking - 163 dBm
Navigation - 160 dBm
Acquisition - 148 dBm
Position Accuracy (horizontal) < 2.5m CEP (autonomous)
< 2.0m CEP SBAS
Time To First Fix
Hot Start < 1 s
Warm Start < 32 s
Cold Start < 35 s


UART - NMEA (Default)
NMEA message
Baud rate
4,800 (default)
1,200 to 115.2 k
Ports Tx (NMEA output)
Rx (NMEA input)
UART - SiRF Specific SSB/OSP
SiRFbinary Protocol Protocol for SiRFstar
prduct family up to SSIII
Open Socket Protocol Protocol extension for SiRFstarIV
Baud rate
57.6 k (default)
1,200 to 115.2 k
Ports Tx (Binary output)
Rx (Binary input)
SPI - NMEA/SiRF Specific
Clock Up to 6.8 MHz
Ports DO (NMEA / Binary output)
DI (NMEA / Binary output)
SPI CLK (clock - input)
SPI CS (chip select - input)
SiRFnav™ High availability and coverage; improved TTFF in weak signal environments
SiRFaware™ Keeps module in a state if readiness for rapid navigation (hot start)
Jammer remover technology Detects and removes up to 8 in-band jammers with minimal loss of sensitivity
A-GPS Embedded Extended Ephemeris (SiRFInstantFix1) and Ephemeris Push support
MEMS 12C interface Prepared to use additional sensor information for improved navigation
Flash-based design Prepared to store configuration and calibration data and to allow firmware updates
Internal antaenna Best matched build-in antenna for easy integration


Operating -40°C to +85°C
Storage -40°C to +85°C
Humidity Non condensing


Supply voltage 3.0 to 3.6 VDC
Average Current Draw
Full Power Mode (searching) 36 mA
Full Power Mode (tracking) 22 mA
Trickle Power Mode (1Hz) 7.2 mA
PTF Mode 0.9 mA
MPM/SiRFaware Mode 29 µA
Hibernate Mode 27 µA
Antenna supply via Vant
Voltage range up to 5.0 V
Max. allowed current 50 mA


L x W x H 17.8 x 16.5 x 7.1 mm
L x W x H 1.2" x 0.65" x 0.2"
Weight 4.0 g / 0.14 oz.

Easy to use testing tool

Maestro Wireless Solutions’s user-friendly NMEA sentence interpreter program for Windows operating systems. GPS Cockpit allows a quick glance at GPS data, monitors and logs these data, displays them in a graphical way and even provides statistical information.

GPS Cockpit handle the following NMEA sentences:


RMC - Recommended Minimum Specific GPS Data
GGA - Global Positioning System Fix Data
GSV - GPS Satellites in View
VTG - Course over Ground and Ground Speed
GSA - GNSS DOP and Active Satellites


Of course, GPS Cockpit works best with Maestro Wireless Solutions's positioning products, but can also be used with any other GPS modules providing NMEA information.

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